Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Coming Home this Week

How crazy is it that I will be coming home this Thursday. I still am in denial and I don't believe it at all. I am really excited to come home and see my family and friends but I am also sad to leave all of those that I love here. It is bitter sweet. 

Last p-day my zone played baseball and ping pong. I guess I was on my game and the Elders have a new name for me, Gurule Bott. I kind of like it because it is funny. We had the NDH like usual. I have come to realize that since I have been here for so long people have really come to trust me with many different things. It is really cool as I feel I really am here to help everyone I can.

Picture of Cailey when she left for her Mission
My zone leader this Thursday asked me if I was baggie. I told him no. He said that we would wait and see about that. I asked him how he would judge and he said by my contacts. I kind of took that as a challenge and where usually be have about 245 contacts this week we exceeded 300. I am also excited for many new investigators we have this week. I may not be here when they get baptized but any little thing I can do to help build up the kingdom of God makes me happy. 

Another cool thing is that Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting. I was able to give my testimony and it was really sweet when the Bishop said that we had two members of the ward leaving this week. Me for my house and our ward mission leader for Brasil to serve his mission. What a blessing it is to be a missionary, serve the Lord and see his hands in our lives. I look forward to telling you more about my mission and week in a few days. I will see you then. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

One More Week

I cannot believe that this really is my last full week to be a full time missonary here. It is really weird for me to think about it and it really doesn't feel like it at all. Maybe I am still in denial but I am okay with that because I am totally focused on the work and being here. I am in a trio now and I have a new companion named Hermana Leon. She is from Honduras. It is kind of cool to be in a trio because we can do a lot more divisions easier. Since there are three of us as well we are in more of a council. It is funny that I started my mission off in a trio and I will end it the same way.  

Last Monday we had a really good district meeting and talked about how we can study the scriptures more in depth. It really is important to read and ask questions so we can understand more of what is happening. It really is important to do this and not read it like a book the scriptures contain many sacred truths that will lead and guide us in life.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to go and visit my old areas so I was out of Fraijanes. It was cool to go back and visit several people I have come to know and love in my missions. On Tuesday we went to Ciudad Quetzal and visited a few people there. It was weird to be in my areas becasue it felt like I had never left them. I also was able to get my boots which will come in handy these last few days.

Wednesday we woke up early to go to a breakfast with President Stay. It was really great and a lot of fun. I miss easting food like we had there. I really think it was the first time in a long time that I ate bacon and casseroles. Then we went to the temple for a session. I absolutely loved being there and I feel like I really learned a lot. Then we went to San Juan. There I wasn't able to see all those I wanted to but I was at least able to visit Hna. Laura and Nestor. They are doing good. I taught her while there because it really is the best way that I can help her or that I know how. At one point I was talking about a really spiritual moment we shared  together and I started to cry. I am not a big crier but really I just love her so much and I love this time I have had to serve here. 

The rest of the week we worked really hard and basically completed all of our goals on Friday. That was really a lot of fun for me. I love to work hard and just try to give my all. The funniest part is that this week I finally got my boots for the rain and there was no rain. 

Sunday was probably one of my most favorite days this week. I really enjoyed the lessons in church and being with all the members. We also planned a really great misisonary activity that will take place after I leave. I am excited to hear about how it works out. We also did divisions and helped several of our investigators who were struggling. On thing that made me really happy was to see Yesenia at church. She hasn't been in over two months. I was happy to see her there and the joy she felt as well. 

I am also super excited for this week and all that will happen. There is so much here left to do and I will work my hardest to accomplish all that I can for the Lord. Have a great week