Monday, September 30, 2013

Honoring Covenants

Good Morning!!! I am really happy right now. I think I am happy most of the time but I just love hearing from those that I love on Monday. I hope that everything is going well. This week was really great. 

Making Molinetes - Pinwheels

On Monday I finally was able to just relax in the house. That never really happens so I thought that it was amazing. After that we went to teach the Aparicio family about the Word of Wisdom. They have a little bit of problems with this but they all comitted to change the bad habits they have. So far they are doing very well. When someone has the desire to follow the commandments they will be given the power to do so. The next day we also taught about the law of chastity and they began planning their wedding. Basically everyone I know here needs to be married before they are baptized. I love being with this family though and seeing how they all work to strengthen one another. All week there were activites in the church for the kids that I didn´t even know about and they went to every single one. To make things even better at the end of one of our lessons, the two youngest kids asked how old you have to be to get baptized. I told them 8 and they both got a huge smile on their face and said, "YES!!!!!".  We left that lesson beaming.  


It seems like lately we have only been contacting Jehovah´s Witnesses. It is really interesting to talk to them but I have become better at it. We teach basic principles of the gospel. They really do have a good knowlege of the scriptures.  


The Bishops wife was talking to me this week and she told me that I look like a latina and that my accent is  really good. There are just a few words where I sound like a gringa. That was interesting to learn. I knew that my Spanish was pretty good but I wasn't sure about my accent.  


I feel like we have had a lot of problems with animals this week. Our house is a grave yard for bugs. Also there are a lot that are living. We at one point in the week had a beehive growing in our backyard. I tried killing it but it didn´t fall so we had to use the bug spray. :(

Another problem is that all the dogs wanted to attack us this week. For some reason they only seem to be in the street where our investigators live.  


Thursday we had a Zone Conference where we learned about all of the new standards of excellence. We were also given ideas on how we could reach them and had a lot of practice. It was really great and I am so excited to work really hard. 

Zone Conference 9.13
Saturday we were also able to watch the Relief Socitey Broadcast which talked a lot about covenants. Why they are important, how we honor them. There was also a lot about how our trials can help us cling to our covenants and they really do strengthen us in this life. I know that this is true. I am so grateful for all of the trials I have had in my life. I am also really excited for the opportunity to watch General Conference this weekend. I want all of you to take the time to watch it. Have questions in mind that you want answered. The conference is on Saturday and Sunday. You can find out more information on Any way have a great week. Thank you for your love and support!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Using Every Second

I feel like the work here is really progressing. I am not sure what is going on but I am working my hardest. This week we had over 20 lessons, 10+ hours of service and we have 14 new investigators. Evey day I felt super tired and I wasn't really sure why, but now I am thinking it is because of how hard we are always working. 


Last Monday we had another crazy p-day going to many different places to prepare for the week. One day I will hopefully be able to relax just a little bit. It is good to be working hard though. After we sent letters we went to the Mega Paca because my companion needed some new skirts. Hers are long and there is usually a lot of rain so she needed shorter skirts.


Tuesday was a big day of service. We thought we would be helping one of our investigator families for about an hour but we were there for about four and then we helped out another member. We helped our investigators with their scooter which was out of gas and had flat tires. It was a lot of work but also a little fun. Then on the way home we went to another members house on the way to see if they needed help. Usually they say no but they really needed help that day so they were really grateful we were there. In the end, we ended up making chuchitos, tamales and paches. I helped teach my companion what to do. They told me that I needed to live in Guatemala after my mission because I was really good at making the masa and everything. 


I am truly grateful for all of the time I spent in San Juan because I learned a lot about the culture and how to do things. They say I am a puro Sanjanera. lol.


Reunion de Hermanas
We changed our weekly planning session to Wednesday this week becasue we had a repair man coming to our house. Our land lord really likes to make sure the house is in working order. It is good though because before we had a little bit of problems with water. In the night we went with the Familia Aparicio. They are so amazing. My favorite investigator Anderson is there. He is 11 but really wants to receive an answer. He is always reading the scriptures and asks great questions. This week he asked several about how he could feel the Holy Ghost and pray sincerly. It is amazing to see the desire he has. The rest of that family is great as well. In other words they are bien pilas!!!


For the rest of the week we did not have to plan any lessons the night before because our agendas were super full. Most of this week is planned as well. It is amazing to see the work here and to be a part of it. At one point my companion and I were praying that everyone we contacted would be a reference for the Elders in our area because there are so many people we need to teach but not enough time. Luckily, I know with the Lord´s help we can do it all. 


One good thing is that we are finally getting to know more and more members here. I love working with them and geting to know them better. Saturday´s we also teach an English class. It is a lot of fun and even helps us to learn a little more Spanish.


Sunday was really great as well. I played the piano in church and while it wasn´t perfect we had music. This week should be better though because the bishop has a keyboard in their house they are going to give us to use. That means that in the night after we finish everything and before we leave in the morning we can practice!!!! I am excited to learn how to play.  Also I gave a talk in church about missionary work. As early as  yesterday afternoon we saw some fruits of that take place.  Well I hope you all have a great week. I know that I will. Thank you for your love and support.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Buscar Los Frutos

I feel like every week on my mission I am just happier and happier. I love doing this work and I love being a missionary. Right now I feel like there is so much work to do and so many people to help. In my area we have a lot of new families that we are teaching this week and they really have a desire to know and follow Jesus Christ. To me that is so amazing and I will do everything I can to help them come unto Him and make covenants. The blessings of the gospel are infinate and eternal. 


Last Monday we had a regular p-day. I feel like in my new area there is a lot more time to do different things. We also bought boots which have really helped a ton. Every afternoon it pours and the streets turn into muddy rivers. I kind of love it now though and with boots there isn't any river we can´t cross.


In the evening though we had a lesson with the family Aparicio. There are three children in this family and two parents. The day I met them the youngest turned eight. They have such a strong desire to learn and know what they can do to be better. After the lesson we asked if they would be baptized. The question they asked was how. "What things do we have to do to change and prepare to be baptized?" That was so cool to see that they want to change and be better. Later in the week we taught them about the restoration and afterwards the dad said,"I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but how can we learn more about him?" The next lesson we watched the prophet of the retoration and when it was over they wanted to watch it again. They all have a Book of Mormon and wrote there names in it. They also read differnt parts, mark the scriptures and have questions. It is amazing. This is the same family that when I came into the area I saw there name and I knew we needed to focus on them. 


Tuesday we had zone meeting and recieved a whole new list for the Standards of Excellence. It seems like it will be a little hard but I know that I can do it. We have already started seeing some of the fruits of our efforts as we have set out to meet these standards this week.  


Being with my new companion is good. Like all companionships at first we need to adjust but I feel like we can do a lot together.  It was a little hard a first because she felt bad about how much I knew about the gospel and she felt she needed to know more. She thought that I was perfect but I am helping her see that I am not. That we are both here to help each other. Also, I think she just needed a little help to realize how amazing she is.  Being from the same culture really does help a lot of things though.  


On Thursday we had a sister Conference. It was nice to see all of the sisters. There are 32 of us and the chruch will only allow up to 40 in this misison because it is dangerous. We had an activity where we were were blind folded and didn´t get any directions. I didn´t really understand it but it was fun and the rest of the conference we learned a lot and ate good food. 


Friday we found a new family. The Ortega family. In this family there are the parents and then there 1.5 year old daughter. They want to learn so much and were given a Book of Mormon four years ago but never had the lessons. They have a lot of questions and we have spent up to 2 hours There several times. When we try to make it shorter the time just passes by. I am not sure how to change that. In the first lesson they told us they felt something different than with any other preacher or religion. They like how we teach from the scriptures and that they need to know for themselves directly from God. They told me, you are so sincere. It was really good that people in our first contact can recognize a difference and know we are representatives of Jesus Christ.


Saturday was the day before Independence Day but they celebrate everything the day before. The run in the streets with torches and blew whistles. They also would go throwing water on people. My companion was soaked but I saw what was going on and stepped out of the way.  haha. 


We also went to practice the piano because there is no one that can play in this ward. I have never learned how to play but I could play the songs. It is so cool. It is only one note at a time and the melody but I will now be playing in church. Wish me luck.  


Sunday was also a little busy day becasue there were a lot of parades and things going on. My favorite part of the day though was my personal study on faith. It was different than the others and the spirit was really strong. When it was over I almost wanted to cry. It is amazing- I just love studying the scriptures and learning so much.  

Well that was basically my week. Thank you for everything. Oh and my district has 5 Nortes and one Latino it is funny. Have a great week

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ciudad Quetzal

Hello again!  I am so excited to be here and write to you all. I would just like to let you know that my new area is Ciudad Quetzal which is a municpal of San Juan Sac my other area. So technically I am still in San Juan because the people that are born here say that they are from San Juan. Crazy, right? Really it is about an hour or less away. San Raymundo where most of my recent converts live is actually closer here than San Juan. Maybe one day I will get permission to visit them. ;)


A lot of things that I never thought would happen on my mission happened this week. To start off, my companion is from Arizona.  Her name is Hna. Tieman and she has been out for 13 months. I am excited to work with her but a little sad becasue I do not want to loose my Spanish. I feel like I have truly been so blessed to learn the language here and I realize how much I now know. There is still a lot to learn but during the recent changes we heard the testimonies of those going home and it seemed to me that my Spanish was more fluent than the Nortes leaving. My new companion had a really hard time with the language so I hope that I can help her to become more fluent. It is hard on her not to be able to communicate with people. 


This area and ward are really amazing. Since our first day here we have had members go out with us and teach us where the members, less actives and investigators are. Oh so I guess I should also explain that I am re-opening an area here so both my companion and I are new here. The ward is so amazing and the members are a great help to us. The youth even sign up several days a week to go out and teach with us. They introduce us to familes and friends they have and we start teaching them. It is such a difference from my other area. I love being here and I love working with these Saints. 


One thing is that it is a little hottter here but only for a few hours and then the rain starts and pours. Unlike San Jaun where there were paved streets these are all dirt so it is muddy and there are rivers everywhere. I have a plan today to buy boots. The members say though that in one month the rain with stop and then it will get really cold. How exciting that I have been in cool areas so far in my mission. Another different thing is that I do not have to go to the stake center because there is a family history center in my ward building. 


On Friday there was a big earthquake here but I am the only person who didn´t feel it. I kind of wish I did though because everyone doesn´t understand how I didn´t. I was walking though so that might have had something to do with it. 


There are a ton of families and progressing investigators here and everyday we seem to find more and more poeple that are prepared. Sunday mornings are really crazy but I like it that way. Church was also great and it felt nice to be in a ward again. I am so excited to serve here here. I feel so blessed to be in this area. Well, let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week. Oh, also for some reason the people and members here think I am from Guatemala or Central America. I guess I have an accent like some one from here. That makes me happy. 


My addresss is still the same so just continue sending letters and packages there.  
Hma. Cailey Gurule

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goodbye San Juan

The time has finally come in my mission for changes. As of right now, I do not know where I will be headed but I will find out at about noon tomorrow. I am a little excited, nervous, and sad. I have really grown to love my area, the members, and all of the people here. It will be hard to leave them but the good thing is that I can always come back in the future to visit them. 

This week was pretty good and I had the opportunity to work a little bit out of my area. We had divisions and it was my turn to finally leave my area. I didn't really want to but I think it helped me a lot to prepare to change areas. When I first got there I was really shy and I didn't really know what to do. But then later in the day I really opened up and worked like usual. Being in a different house was weird but I slept well. At least know I know that I will be okay in another area. 

When I came back to San Juan, it felt like returning home. It really is like my home to me and I love being here and everything about it. Our newest convert had her interview that day and we also helped another member who was suffering with depression. I love being able to help people in whatever situation they are in. Our Heavenly Father has so much love for His children.  

Thursday was a day of new investigators. I am really happy that there continue to be a lot of poeple ready for the gospel in San Juan. I may not be there anymore after today but the Lord's work will continue and I will just be working in another area. To end our day, we taught a member's son. He is eight but his mom wants him to have the misisonary lessons before he is baptized. I really love teaching kids the gospel. They are so innocent and have so much faith. 

Friday, we taught a part-member family. They are the first family I visited here on my misison and in San Juan. They will also be my last as we have plans to teach them tonight. 

Saturday, we had to go to the dentist because my companion lost a filling. I love the dentist so I was excited to go and I even got my teeth cleaned. It was fun as well to know more of the city as we had to figure out how to get there. There is so much to see. After that early morning we went again to San Raymundo and visited some members and recent converts. I love being with everyone here. 

Yesterday, we had another baptism. It was with Fernanda, and her mom even came which is great. She really liked church and so I am sure we will see her back there again many times. The baptism was after the reunions so my companion and I got there an hour early to fill the font. President wasn't there though so we didn't have the keys to the font. I solved that problem though and climbed over the glass and into the font to open the door and fill the font. There were men there but they were afraid so it is good I was able to do it. 

It was also testimony meeting and I was able to bear my testimony. Thinkng I was going to leave, I thanked the ward for everything and they all started to cry. It is hard to leave people you have grown so close to. Then for the rest of the day we did service. How I love service! Well, that was basically it. I hope you all have a great week and know that you are loved. Thank you for the love and support you give me.