Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Trio

Guatemala Temple
Hello again!!!!! Another week has gone by in the CCM and I am not yet half way done.  It is crazy to think that I have been here for 3 whole weeks. I know that three weeks is not a long time but when you are a missionary and your days are always full, it seems like a week is forever and just a blink of an eye at the same time.  This week I got two new companions. Hermana Coats and Hermana Ison. They were in my district before and we are now a trio.   Hermana Coats is going to Nicaragua and Hermana Ison is going to Retalhuleu in Guatemala.  Aside with getting all new companions this week, I also got all new teachers as well.  Everything happens for a reason and I know that it is for the best.  Sometimes we have a lot of different changes in our lives and we may not like it at first but it really helps us grow together.   I say this because at the begining of the week my companionship had a lot of contention between us.  There were some misunderstandings and it is difficult to teach and do everything 24/7 with three very different people.  I have learned a lot this week about compromising and understanding where people are coming from.  I really love companionship inventories because they allow us to express how we are feeling and build up our companions as well.  It is amazing how much we have grown as a compaionship from not really working together at the begining of the week to all working in unison helping one another supporting each others ideas.  I just love it!!!  One of my favoirite experiences this week was teaching in CRE(TRC) we taught this old lady and it was really funny because if we were trying to say something in Spanish she would help us but say something different than what we were going to say.  It was funny but we just went with it. The members in Gautemala are so kind and strong in the Church.  All of the people are humble and I can not wait until I am in the field.  I am not sure if any of you in the states heard about this, but last week they announced 58 new missions in the world. One of them is in Guatemala.

The boundries for Guatemala City South, Cental and North will all  be changed.  That means that in July I could potentially be assigned to a new misison.  I love how missionary work in the world is growing.
Guatemala City Temple at Night

Heavenly Father does have a plan for us(His Children).  It is really exciting to be a missionary becuase the work is hastening and more people are gaining the knowledge about the truth of the gosple.  For all of my family and firends, I am inviting you to take advantage of this time.  Meet with the missionaries in your area.  If you do not know how, go to mormon.org and there is a link to meet with the missionaries.  Learn for yourself whether the Church of Jesus Chist of Latter Day Saints is the True Church on the earth. Learn whether or not the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the eartrh and that God has callled a modern day prophet to help show us all the way back to Him. Learn whether or not families can be together forever.  I know that all of these things are true.  That is why I am on a mission to help other people come to this knowledge by themselves.  I am a tool in the Lord's hands.  Each and every person needs to gain a testimony of this themselves through reading the Book of Mormon, study and Prayer.  The Holy Ghost will testify to you that it is true. Try it, I dare you (Especially if you do not believe me).  I love this gospel with every part of me.  I love my family so much and I know that they love me too.

Thank you all for your love and support. I did get a few letters this week. If you are wondering I think it takes about two weeks to come from the states -even packages and three or four weeks from other countries.  I will write you again next week.  Hermana Cailey Gurule

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Off to Panama

Hola!   This week has been amazing.  I am sorry if I am rushed again
in writing this week, but we do not have very much time and we are going to the temple in 30 minutes for the first time.  I am really excited to go becuase the temple has been closed for the last two weeks.  This week I really became close with all of the Latinas. It is funny that I can understand most of what they were saying when only two weeks ago I had no clue about anything they said. The days in the CCM are usually the same. WE wake up in the morning and go play sports, then we have personal study and eat breakfast. The food is really good, we usually have meat, fruit and bread. Yummy!!! Thursday was Valentine's Day or Dia de Carino. I hope that you know that I love you all so much.  Spanish really does do weird things to me. Last week, a Hermana in my district started talking to me and I told her I didn't understand.  It turns out she was speaking in English but I guess I was thinkig in Espanol.  I have 2 new investigators this week one being my new teacher who was also my first investigator. I love it here and I have learned so much.

Today we went to a stake center about
20 minutes away to play sports. We then went to Walmart and a Mall.
Oddly enough I feel like I am in California not Guatemala. It is really nice here. 

So the biggest thing that happened this week is that my companion, Hermana Lesher found out that she would be leaving this week. She left this morning to Panama. I will miss her a lot but Heavenly Father knows what is best and she was needed there right now.

She is fluent in Spanish so she will be fine. That means I do not have a companion right now but that will change tomorrow.  Every two weeks the CCM is emptied as people go to their mission and the Nortes get to go on a field trip. I am doing great and I love you all so much. One request that I have is to send letters. I have not received one yet but I might today. Mail comes on Tuesday and Thursday at about 9pm.  Oh, I almost forgot this week in Church I gave my very first talk as a Missionary and in Spanish.  People were crying so I hope I had the spirit because my Spanish is not that great. I also taught in Sunday School and sang in Church. It was a busy Sabbath day. I love the way the Latinos sing. They are not the best singers but they sing loud and with all their heart. Well, I have to go. I will write agian next week. Hermana Gurule

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hola!  This week has been absolutely amazing. There are so many miracles.  Sorry if This is weird. The keyboards are different.

Guatemala really is beautiful. The weather is perfect and this time of year in the city there are no mosquitos.  When I first got here they had us move a lot because the capacity for the CCM is 95 people and there are 160 missionaries here. Out of those missionaries 29 are Nortes or from the USA. We are the minority. I live with all of the Norte Hermanas in Casa 6 which is actually outside of the CCM (MTC in Spanish). This is the first time they have had people live out side of the CCM but I like it becuase we get to walk by the temple each day.  My district is Isaias.  There  are two Elders and four Hermanas. Two of the Hermanas including my companion is fluent in Spanish.  My campanion is Hermana Lecsher. She is from Aurora Colorado and she is truly amazing.  We are the perfect team because I know the gospel and she knows spanish.  The food here is super good but we do have to eat it all so we do not offend the cooks. The only thing I have had that I do not like is passion fruit. I think it tastes like puke.  The oreos are amazing unlike how the are in the states now they actually get soft. If you dont believe me , try it. I love being a missionary. Days are really busy but they are great. The other day people by the Temple saw me and my companions. They were so excited. It rememinded me of myself and I loved it. I am amazed at how much Spanish I can speak already. The gift of tongues is real especially if you are doing the Lords work.  The other day in a lesson my companion was speaking in Spanish, I had no clue what was going on and then I just felt like I should say something so I did and it was perfect Spanish and excatly what needed to be said. t That has happened several times. In one week, I have gone from knowing nothing to understanding about 60%.  Spanish can make me a little crazy though because I sometimes have to do charades.  One thing I really like is Sunday exchanges.  We get paired up with a Latina for the day and it really helps with the Spanish. We also only speak Spanish unless we have permission to speak English- so I can speak alot more because of this. I am always impressed with what I can say. There are no pictures this week because we can only have our camera on the last p-day. The picture attached is a picture of the Guatemala MTC.  I will send some pictures when I am out in the field. I only have 30 minutes to write so if this does not make sense that is why. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am excited to learn Spanish and do the Lord's work. The Church is true and I see miracles all around me every day. I love you all so much.  Hermana Gurule



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cailey has arrived safely in Guatemala. Here is the email that she wrote home today.

Hola Familia,    I am doing great in Guatemala and I made it here
safely. They are only letting us use the computer for a couple of minutes to write home and let you know we made it here safely.  The weather is perfect. Not humid and there are no bugs since it is the dry season. I love it here. My companion is Hermana Lesher.  Just for your information, please tell everyone if they send a package or letter to write Hermana Cailey Gurule.  That is the way it will get to me safely.   The food is amazing.  Everything is great and very clean here. We have waterbottles that filter the water and the filter is high tech .

  I have not gotten sick from anything yet- we have fresh fruit, fish and fruit juice at every meal that they perpare for us.  I will write on my pday which is Tuesday. If you have any questions about the MTC or anything let me know before that and I will answer them. Spanish is coming along. I am not that great but words I thought I forgot I remember. Plus I am learning really fast. I will write you Tuesday.
                Love, Hermana Gurule

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

As Cailey's first Companion - my husband and I  escorted Cailey to McCarran Airport where she began her Journey as Hermana Gurule.  She headed to Salt Lake to meet up with other Missionaries and then traveled to LAX where she had a 6 hour layover before departing on a Red Eye Flight to Guatemala.  Cailey will arrive in Guatemala at 6:50am. She will be at the Missionary Training Center for 6 weeks learning the language.

I know Cailey will be awesome as a Missionary. She is so full of excitement and passion - she truly beams and I am very proud of her.  I am not sure whether she will call or write to me once she is at the Missionary Training Center in Guatemala - but as soon as I know she is there - I will let everyone following this blog know. 

Thank you to everyone for your gifts to Cailey and your Love and Support.  As her mom it fills me with  great joy to know she is loved so much.