Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Crazy Zone with those who Celebrate Birthdays in November
So this week we spent partly in the house and partly outside. My companion and I continued to switch who was sick and when we had divisions planned they all fell through. Last Monday though we went to the office to  meet with the nurse.  She gave me medicine thinking I had broncolosis again. I am not sure what it was though but it is all good. 


In the night time we has a NDH and it was a great lesson. Somehow in the prayer though I felt super bad like I was going to be sick and I was really dizzy. When the prayer was over I just got up to leave and then I had to sit on the floor. I felt really bad and we still didn`t have our phone so that night we didn`t call the Elders. 


The next day I felt much better but my comp didn`t. We mainly just stayed in the house except for when we went to get our phone from the office. There was so much rain and flooding in the streets and the lightning was really loud and close, I loved it. It was really funny though because during one really close lighting and thunder a lady screamed. The whole bus was laughing but it was good. On the way back we took a taxi. At one point I was a little worried because I didn`t know where we were going or if he was taking us to the right place. My companion was sleeping and we passed things I had never seen before even a huge bridge. It was really pretty but I didn`t want to go to some place hours away from our area. Then finally he went a way I knew. I talked to him though and he is planning to take his family to church. I really hope he went on Sunday because I know how much it can bless his life.


Tuesday night we found out that Wednesday we had interviews with President Stay. I love interviews but there are always things we have to memorize or prepare. Something I have really noticed is that I actuallly have a great memory and I memorized the 13th article of faith in English and Spanish in 5 minutes. President is really here for a reason and I know that a big part of why I am in this mission is him. He knows exactly what to say and how to help us. He talked about spiritual eyes and ears and how they help us to see more but that others may not have them to understand. That made a lot of sense and helped me with some things. 


Thursday even though we weren`t fully better we went out to work. I love working a lot and it makes me feel so much better. We also met a new family this week who are actually members. They are excited to start going back to church and their kids are as well. I love  when we meet someone and we can help them to come back to church or help them to know the truth. 


So I think just to end this that I will tell you all about my new boyfriend I have here. He is 4 and his name is Bradford. It was so funny because him and his brother has a strength competition lifting their bikes over there head to be my boyfriend. Really he is just a little boy who likes me but he is really cute and likes to tell people, " Ella es mi novia".  Well anyway that is basically it and I will write you all next week. A

Birthday in November in our Zone


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guatemala this Week

Right now I am a little sad to say that I am sick. It all started when my companion was sick a few days ago but we will get into that later. Last P-Day was really great because we got permisison to visit San Juan and San Raymundo. I loved going back and showing my previous area to my companion along with seeing a few people there. I did try to find one of my investigators but I couldn´t find them anywhere. One really cool thing is that I got some clothes from Guatemala. It isn´t from San Juan but I really like it. A recent convert gave it to me. I just love it and I didn´t think it would look good on me but I like it.
Guatemalan Dress from an Investigator 
Thank you Hna. Laura for my Ropa Tipica

Visiting in San Reymundo


Tuesday we met with a lot of interesting people. One of them told me about how I can get rid of my asthma. They told me to get a baby cat and raise it for 6 months only feeding it milk and bread. Then kill it and cook it in water and salt. If I eat everything my asthma will be gone. Interesting right? I might just have to try it lol.  Along with that I am so grateful to live in the USA where everyone has the opportunity to learn. If you aren´t great at learning here your parents don´t put you in school. 


At the end of that evening, I had a really cool experience. I was in a lesson with a family that always has a lot of questions and they like to argue a bit. I never argue back but bear my testimony. The spirit came really strongly and everyone was crying. Then after I bore my testimony there was complete silence. They didn´t have a single argument, we prayed and left. Really it was such an amazing experience.  


Wednesday we went to vist an investigator who only really has time to meet with us on the weekends. When we got to her house she wasn´t there but her mom was. We taught her and at the end our investigator came in. After the lesson we asked if there was anything we could do to help her but she said no and then asked if she joined the church and then didn´t come anymore if she had to pay for all of the service we did. I reassured her that we don´t do service for money. It doesn´t matter if you are a member or not. She felt better about that but it was a little funny. As we left we told her the visit that day would cost 20Q she laughed and told us if we wanted to leave it was 40Q. We joke around about that now. haha


Finally we were able to bring the family Aparicio to the house of a member. I know that when we do have a lesson with a member they are so much better. I want the people I teach to remember the members here that helped them more than me. 

The kids in the Family Aparicio menos 1 y plus un amigo

On Thurday our phone stopped working and so we have to use a pay phone right now. It isn´t that bad but we don´t call as many people. I opened it up and there were bugs inside but that is Guatemala for you. Good thing I love it here. Right now there is also always a little breeze and so a lot of people fly kites. I love seeing them in the sky. Also I just love seeing all of the fruit trees here. When I have my own house I want to be sure to have a garden and fruit trees. I always loved that growing up. 


Friday we had a zone meeting and I met some of the new people in my zone. We all are working hard and the new girl in my district worked with my companion from the CCM, Hna. Coats in Nicuragua. It was nice to find out how she is doing.  Speaking of companions it is official that only one of mine is in the mission and that is my companion right now. All of the other ones are in another mission or home, how weird is that. 


Saturday my companion woke up and went to use the bathroom and then she blacked out. Luckily I was there to catch her but she still hit her head on the wall a little bit. That day she just slept and in the night felt better. Then the next day I woke up with a fever. The good news is that I made a plan of salvation but there is so much more to do and lots of people to visit so I hope I get better soon.  

Spending time outside when my companion was not feeling well

I am really excited to hear from you and I will tell you more about what happened in my week next week. I feel fine aside from having a fever but it was really funny one night when my comp and I were outside to call the elders from a payphone and report the data. It was pouring and no one was answering we just laughed and made a great memory. We should get a new phone today though which will be good. 

In Guatemala we have Dogs inChurch

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Una Semana Mas

The title to this email was made by my district leader. Sometimes it is hard to always be creative but the good news is that I am always coming up with creative things to do in the work here. It is crazy to think that I have spent 6 weeks here in Ciudad Quetzal and that now I will have six more. For some reason at the beginning of the week I felt like I would be leaving here only after this one change. That made me a little sad since there is so much happening here. Then as the week went on I felt more comfortable with the change that would come. Then on Saturday, I had a feeling I wouldn´t be leaving and that I would be staying here. It is weird how I know things like this. I asked Hermana. Calero the other day if I had changes and she said that I did. Then when I had the feeling I wouldn't be leaving, I recived notice that there were no changes. Sorry this may not make sense to some of you, but I think it is cool that the spirit can testify to us as well what will happen. 


Last Monday I went to a huge mall in the Capital called Villa Flor. I felt like I was in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas a little bit. It was fun to go and explore a bit.  Like always though coming back the busses are always super full.  


Sharing Gospel with Good Food, Fun and Spirit
Tuesday we had a zone meeting which was really nice. I really love Zona Milagro because we have really great leaders and they are really pushing us to be our best and have a great plan. I feel inspired to reach even higher and do my best when I am with them. Our Stake President even comes to our meetings with our zones and shares the best insights and gives the best advice.  After the zone meeting my companion and I rushed to Quetzal to eat, get our things and then leave for divisions with the sister training leaders. Hermana Calero is leaving to go home since she has been here 19 months. For the last division she wanted to have it with me. I loved working with her.


There is a man in her area that has been an investigator for about 23 years or more. I had a lesson and talked about my experiences and how we cannot just be idle with the things that we know. I also explained about when I was baptized and how I wish I wouldn´t have waited so long to make that step when I knew it was true. After that he told Hna. Caleo that he would be getting baptized in a month. She was so amazed and it felt truly amazing.


Wednesday we ended our divisions and I went back to my area. I am happy to report that I am seeing miracles wherever I am here in Guatemala but especially in the area that I am working in. It is so much fun to leave every morning not knowing how things will go or who I will meet.  At the end of the day while waiting for a bus, my companion and I were talking to these little kids. They asked us who we were and if we could teach them something in English. Then when the bus came they all chased it as it left saying bye and thank you.  How cute right?


Thurday, we started teaching a lot more new families. It was so funny in one of the lessons, because after it was over we asked one more time if anyone had and questions or needed anything. There was one little daughter who asked if she could go and live with us. I love little kids so much!  We also met with a part member family for the first time and set a date with the husband. He has read the Book of Mormon and knows that it is ture. He has not once met with misisonaries because he was always afraid of what his family would think.  It is such a great feeling to feel the spirit working through us.


Friday I was a little sad when I went to the Aparicio families house and they were doing some things they shouldn´t.  We ended up not having an official lesson but we talked with Jazmin the mom and she spoke about all of the ways their family is changing for the better especially with her husband. It was nice to see how even they are noticing the differences and while they are not yet ready to be baptized they are preparing for this Grande Paso.  


This was also the day of Elder Mendoza´s birthday so we went as a district to eat lunch at a members house. The food was really good and she had us take pictures as little people with our shoes at our knees which was funny. We even sang head, shoulders, knees and toes for her. 


Saturday we used the time we had for lunch to cook since we do not have a Comedor on Saturday or Sunday. I was really excited for this because I really love to cook and teach others as well. We made a tuna casserole which is my companions favorite food and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. When I have a family I want to share meals with people and invite them over to eat,

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

that would be so much fun and would be a great way to share the gospel with good food, fun and the spirit.


My New Planner
This Sunday was fast Sunday here and there was a lot that needed to get done. We always leave the house on Sunday at 6am to help get people ready. This week we did a lot of service and knocked on a lot of doors. Then at church the elders had an investigator family who was there. The little two year old felt weird and didnt want to go to her class. The mom was out in the hall with her so I took them into a classroom and made a special little lesson for her. She really liked that and went to the last class by herself. 


Later in the day we contacted two new families who are now our investigators as well. Something happened with the mom and we just clicked. They are like my best friends here which is really cool. We get along really well and I am excited to work with them more. Well That is about it for the week. I hope that you have a great week and I will right again next week. Adios!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

God Speaks

Right now I am soaking wet but I love it. For a week or so I thought the rain was gone but now it is back!!!! This week has really been amazing. I really do think the more that I am on my mission the more that I love it and don,t want to leave. There was something really amazing that did happen this week. If you don´t know what I am refering to it is General Conference. If you didn't get to watch it, DO IT!!!!! Your life will be so blessed.

Night Time in My Area

So last Monday my companion and I went to Walmart and we bought a lot of food to make cookies and good meals. I am really excited and she is excited to learn how to cook. Then on Tuesday the elders had  us make a Baptism Plan for October to give to President Stay. We had less than 24 hours to do it with a busy day. We finally fishished it and ran to the church. I think it turned out pretty well though. 


On Friday we had a differnet tyoe of activity with our awesome investigator family. Anderson wanted to make a note book to get ready for Conference.  I think it turned out amazingly and he even wrote a question in it about how he could feel the spirit.  


Anderson with his Notebook we made.  It was great!
Roses from our Yard
The General Conference was the highlight of the week and everyone in my district had investigators there. It was really awesome. I felt like the main themes were placing Christ in the Center of our lives, strengthening our selves and enduring through trials.  

On Sunday I hit my 8 month mark on my mission. After conference, was a busy day of visiting our investigators and teaching. It was going well but then once again all of the animals were against us. We decided to go and study after we got attacked by five dogs. They didn´t bite us but it was close. My companion and I were both on the ground and we have some bruises but it is all good. I love doing this work. Well,  have a great week!
Mosquito on our Roses - they love us!