Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Coming Home this Week

How crazy is it that I will be coming home this Thursday. I still am in denial and I don't believe it at all. I am really excited to come home and see my family and friends but I am also sad to leave all of those that I love here. It is bitter sweet. 

Last p-day my zone played baseball and ping pong. I guess I was on my game and the Elders have a new name for me, Gurule Bott. I kind of like it because it is funny. We had the NDH like usual. I have come to realize that since I have been here for so long people have really come to trust me with many different things. It is really cool as I feel I really am here to help everyone I can.

Picture of Cailey when she left for her Mission
My zone leader this Thursday asked me if I was baggie. I told him no. He said that we would wait and see about that. I asked him how he would judge and he said by my contacts. I kind of took that as a challenge and where usually be have about 245 contacts this week we exceeded 300. I am also excited for many new investigators we have this week. I may not be here when they get baptized but any little thing I can do to help build up the kingdom of God makes me happy. 

Another cool thing is that Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting. I was able to give my testimony and it was really sweet when the Bishop said that we had two members of the ward leaving this week. Me for my house and our ward mission leader for Brasil to serve his mission. What a blessing it is to be a missionary, serve the Lord and see his hands in our lives. I look forward to telling you more about my mission and week in a few days. I will see you then. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

One More Week

I cannot believe that this really is my last full week to be a full time missonary here. It is really weird for me to think about it and it really doesn't feel like it at all. Maybe I am still in denial but I am okay with that because I am totally focused on the work and being here. I am in a trio now and I have a new companion named Hermana Leon. She is from Honduras. It is kind of cool to be in a trio because we can do a lot more divisions easier. Since there are three of us as well we are in more of a council. It is funny that I started my mission off in a trio and I will end it the same way.  

Last Monday we had a really good district meeting and talked about how we can study the scriptures more in depth. It really is important to read and ask questions so we can understand more of what is happening. It really is important to do this and not read it like a book the scriptures contain many sacred truths that will lead and guide us in life.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to go and visit my old areas so I was out of Fraijanes. It was cool to go back and visit several people I have come to know and love in my missions. On Tuesday we went to Ciudad Quetzal and visited a few people there. It was weird to be in my areas becasue it felt like I had never left them. I also was able to get my boots which will come in handy these last few days.

Wednesday we woke up early to go to a breakfast with President Stay. It was really great and a lot of fun. I miss easting food like we had there. I really think it was the first time in a long time that I ate bacon and casseroles. Then we went to the temple for a session. I absolutely loved being there and I feel like I really learned a lot. Then we went to San Juan. There I wasn't able to see all those I wanted to but I was at least able to visit Hna. Laura and Nestor. They are doing good. I taught her while there because it really is the best way that I can help her or that I know how. At one point I was talking about a really spiritual moment we shared  together and I started to cry. I am not a big crier but really I just love her so much and I love this time I have had to serve here. 

The rest of the week we worked really hard and basically completed all of our goals on Friday. That was really a lot of fun for me. I love to work hard and just try to give my all. The funniest part is that this week I finally got my boots for the rain and there was no rain. 

Sunday was probably one of my most favorite days this week. I really enjoyed the lessons in church and being with all the members. We also planned a really great misisonary activity that will take place after I leave. I am excited to hear about how it works out. We also did divisions and helped several of our investigators who were struggling. On thing that made me really happy was to see Yesenia at church. She hasn't been in over two months. I was happy to see her there and the joy she felt as well. 

I am also super excited for this week and all that will happen. There is so much here left to do and I will work my hardest to accomplish all that I can for the Lord. Have a great week

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Every week is filled with so many surprises or blessings I guess would be a better word. I really love it and I am really happy to be here. Last Monday it was really sweet to see the twins invite different people to their baptism. They helped us make the program and then they had it all memorized. Making covenants is a really big deal and they understand that. 

Tuesday was another amazing day. In the morning we were walking we saw the mom of one of my recent converts. For the last few months she had been really rude and didn't let us visit her daughter or let her go to church. The Sunday before I had a discussion with her  and to my surprise on Tuesday she apologized to us. It is amazing how repentance can change people. The relationship we have now is really different and she is happy when we come and help her daughter. That makes me really happy. That same day out of the blue one of our investigators said she wanted to be baptized. 
Conference with President Stay
This week, we had a conference with President Stay and it was amazing. I love hearing the testimonies of other missionaries and to see how the gospel is changing their lives. Also I got to see my daughter, Hna. Recinos who was there. She is truly one of my best friends in the mission. 

Crazy Hair

Friday was really fun because we were able to do service planting tress. I think that it is kind of like leaving a little piece of me in Guatemala. When I come back I can see how they have grown. Also the twins wanted to read the Book of Mormon with us that day. They are learning to read but I was so impressed by how much they have progressed. The were reading pretty well. That is what happens when kids learn to read form the Book of Mormon. They learn faster and better. 

On Saturday was their baptism. It was really special and they were so happy. They were both a little nervous but when they came out of the water they told me that they felt something special in the water that took away the fear. I explained that it was the Holy Ghost. Truly though I love things like that. Our Heavenly Father loves us and when we follow him we are blessed. 

Have a great week.
Twins Baptism

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Love Being a Missionary

Can I just say that I love being a missionary. There is always so much joy that one can have in constantly serving others and loving them completely. In a way investigators are kind of like raising kids because you really get to watch them grow and gain a testimony of the truth. Then they change and are totally different people. I love as well when they are great examples for others and help them to learn more about the gospel. 

This week on Friday, Carmen got baptized. I found her one day when contacting and she is truly amazing. We have been teaching her for about 3 months now. The greatest change, is not just in her though,but in her family. They are more interested in the gospel as well now and while her husband died years ago I know that she can be sealed to him and all of her children in the temple. I will strive to help her so that she can reach this great goal she has. 

The whole week was pretty great as well. Last Monday I went with some investigators and theier kids to play lazer tag. It was to celebrate their birthday. I love doing things like that and it is most likely not something we will forget. I have a weakness for kids and wanting to spoil them. I just love kids and I love to have fun with them. It was a great activity though because we had a member there with her son and they are all best friends.  

Wednesday we had a zone meeting and talked about preparing the mission for the new Mission President that will be coming in next week. It is crazy to think that president Stay only has a week and a half left. We talked a lot about repentance, forgiving and forgetting. I really love that because it is so essential for us and others. We always need to repent of our our sins and allow others to do the same. If we don't the atonement won't have an effect in our lives either. 

That night we watched the Prophet of the restoration with Carmen and her family. They always have questions which is good. Especially her youngest son. He told us after her baptism that he will be getting baptized too but not right now.  

The crazy thing that happened this week was a storm. It was like a hurricane We had wind, rain and hail. It was cool though to see the street flood in 2 seconds. We did get soaked though. I love the rain and storms but to be honest as a missionary it does make things  a little more difficult.

There are a ton of amazing things going on here. I love being a missionary and doing the work of the Lord. I will talk to you next week. 

Love Hna. Cailey Gurule

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bad Luck

This week has been really funny, because basically there were a lot of things that happened that were not that nice. It all started last Monday when it was pouring all day. Rain on P-day is not that great because you get really wet and we have to buy things and carry a lot of things. On the way back when I was on a bus I got soaked. Getting off I poured a pool of water out of my shoe. 
Chips for Mundial

Our Zone Symbol


Tuesday we did divisions and it rained harder than any other day. I love divisions because we really do learn a lot.  That day I also lost one of my name tags.  That is always a sad thing but luckily later in the week this man told me he found one of our name tags and it is in his house. I also started feeling really bad that day and I wasn't sure why.

For the rest of the week I had stomach problems but we didn't know what it was. I took anti parasite medicine, things for acid reflex basically everything but nothing worked. The good thing is that I was still able to work and work hard. On Friday a huge crab pinched my finger and then I accidentally killed it. Then on Saturday I bought a huge container of eggs and dropped them.
Awesome Kids

The Animal I ate last week, Pisote

I am not sure why so many  things were happening but I decided I didn't want to suffer anymore so I prayed and made a promise with my Heavenly Father. I promised that if He would heal me I would do certain things. The next day we worked super hard and had a ton of success. My stomach stopped hurting and I we saw some  miracles. We found a whole family that committed to be baptized. Also those who were having a hard time before are now firm in their faith. I love working hard and seeing the blessings.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beginning of June

Truly I cannot believe that it is June already. I still feel like we haven't had Christmas yet. I am loving working in Frijanes and I feel like every day we are seeing so many miracles and getting to know more people that are prepared for the gospel or are ready to come back.  It all started last week though on P-day. My zone is really so close and every Monday we do something together.  Last week we played baseball at the stake center.  It was really a lot of fun. I forgot how fun it is to play. 

Baseball at the Stake Center

That day I also received the Ensign in a package. I was so excited because I feel it is always very important for me to read and study the words of the prophets. It was a little harder earlier on in my mission but now I can study a little bit every day. For those who still haven't watched or read the conference I would invite you to go and read or watch the talks. 

That night we had a Family Home Evening with our investigator family again and they taught about the 10 Commandments.  It was really cute because the week before I was in the primary and taught the kids how to remember them with hand signals. That evening she taught that to her family. 

Zone Conference

Tuesday we had a Zone Conference and we focused more on Doctrine then on having better skills. We also learned a new way to have companionship inventory. That was one of the best things we learned because it really helped me to feel the spirit when we had our meeting.  After the reunion we came home and there was no power in our area and it was pouring rain. With that we had to go home but it was really crazy. 

This week it really was raining a lot and we decided to leave in the morning. I liked that more because we didn't get as soaked. We also met a lot of less actives that have family that are not members. They want to learn more and go back to church. 
Hen Soup

The Soup was Delicious

The family we made pancakes with last week is really changing as well. Before the husband always left but now he stays and told us he saw a great change in his wife and wants to change as well. He asked if he could go to Church with us. I am so excited for him and his family. 

Yesterday I had a great experience. I truly felt the spirit work though me as I called a less active to repentance. It was really amazing and I truly hope he can change. 

 I will write again next week. Adios. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miracles in Families

This week we had so much rain. I have decided that Frijanes is the rainiest place in all of Guatemala. The members there have told us that as well and when we really get into the rainy season it starts to rain at 8am and ends at 11pm. That is a lot of rain if you ask me. Because of that it has been a little hard to leave with members but this week we will try to visit with them in the morning and do our studies in the afternoon. Aside from all the rain and a few challenges, this week was absolutely amazing!!!!  

Where we buy our Vegetables


Last Monday with our zone we all decided to make breakfast burritos. It was crazy but really fun and along with that we also played ping pong. Ping Pong was fun, I guess I am not the greatest but I played pretty well. 

That night as we were contacting I just felt that I could feel who was really prepared for the gospel and who was not. It was amazing and we have some really promising new investigators. This is the week of the miracles with our investigators and their families. 

First of all, we have Carmen . She is a single women that lives with her children and their family. She has been learning about the gospel for about 2.5 months. This week something changed and she went from being a little unsure to setting a date  to be baptized. She is so loving. Also last night we went to her house and watched a movie with her family. During the film everyone was really into it and her kids were like, ^Mom look, did Jesus Christ really do that? It was really cool to see their interest as well and hopefully we can start teaching them as well. 

The other investigators that we have seen the greatest change in is the Vasquez family. They  really have a strong desire to be baptized but the mom needs to get married first. It was a little crazy because the dad always leaves when we come. Yesterday we had a little bit of a miracle though. We found out that they didn't have money for food. I decided we could make pancakes with them because if we offered food they wouldn't take it. It was a lot of fun and when we came the husband didn't leave. He talked to us and he wants The Book of Mormon discs to take to work . We gave some to his wife on Saturday when we went to the Temple with recent converts. He had been listening and really loves them. Something happened to soften his heart and I really hope we can teach him as well now.
My Agemda

Visiting the Temple

As I said earlier, we went to the Temple on Saturday. To go we had to wake up at 3 and left the house at four to be there at 5. I loved being there and working in the Baptistry. It was a great blessing to see those baptized for those who had passed away. Really it strengthens my testimony. It was also cool to see several families there who are not yet sealed. I know that they will be one day and that brings me so much joy. I love the gospel and all the blessings we can receive in it. 

Have a great week. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Because of Him

I am not really sure why but this week seemed to go on forever. to me that was surprising because usually when we work hard it goes by faster. This week I felt we were constantly doing something but it was a lot slower. There was a lot that went on however and many miracles that we witnessed. 

First of all last Monday my companion had some converts come from a different area to celebrate her birthday. It was fun because we went out to eat. That day it poured like crazy and when we went back to the stake center all of the Elders and sisters were drenched. I am so grateful for the people who came because we were able to be in their car. 
Where we went to eat yesterday

Protection from the Rain

Tuesday since we had a little extra time in the morning I had the idea that my companion and I could set new goals and focus on the areas we could be better at in our companionship. I am excited for these weeks that are coming up. I am seeing an even bigger change in myself as well. That makes me happy because I really want to be truly selfless and while I am still far from that I am making progress.  

That day we really worked hard and in the night before we went into our house a lady contacted us. She met with missionaries four years ago but when she was going to go to church she moved and never saw the Elders again. she was so excited to see us and we are excited to teach her.  
On Wednesday some investigators out of the blue told me that they were talking and will be really sad when I leave. I am not sure why everyone is talking about that recently. Truly I feel that I have a lot of time here. I really do love the people here and it is nice to know they care about me too. Something I realized as well is that as a missionary I don/t have fear. It is kind of crazy but really I just put all of my trust in the Lord. 

Thursday we had a zone planning meeting and it was good to get input of other missionaries. Then the next day we went to visit people in areas we don/t really go. Everywhere we went that day, people gave us food. It was nice and really funny. 
Playing Mafia

The sad thing was that in one of the lessons an investigator told me that no one in this world can truly be happy. I however testify that we can be. With the gospel of Jesus Christ we are given great knowledge and hope that truly makes us happy. I know that because of Christ we can be happy, feel loved and have hope for the future. 

Finally during the weekend we taught lessons focusing on the blessing we have from a living prophet. We are truly blessed to have a living prophet today. I know that he speaks to and receives revelation directly from God. 

Well, I have to go. Sorry I couldn't write about everything but I will continue working hard. Thank you for your love and support. 
Moustache Cat

Also watch this video it is really good.  copy and paste the link.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Truly it is amazing how fast every week goes by.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here and serve the Lord.  My zone has also grown really close and the funny thing is that we have all grown to really love Mafia and play it on Monday.  We celebrated the birthday of an Elder on Monday.  It was fun because we went to Wendy's and they even gave him a free pie.

I am really grateful for the members in our area and how they have Family Home Evenings open to all of our investigators. This gives the investigators the opportunity to see more of how their family can be with the gospel. I also like it because the investigators are always really nervous about how their kids act and focus a lot on that. With other members there they see that their kids are the same and don't worry about it as much so they can focus more on what we are teaching.  
Ropa Tipica

This week we started teaching more families of investigators we already have. It is really great and I am really excited for it because they will all be gaining a testimony of the truth together. I have a great testimony about the family and how it can be eternal. I know that is part of the plan Heavenly Father has for us His children. 

Wednesday we had a zone council as well. I am always glad to have zone councils and to learn more about how I can be a better missionary. One of the things we really focused on was how we can help people to have spiritual experiences.  Everyone needs to receive their own revelation and to do that we need to help invite the spirit and give them this opportunity.  

Finally as well this week we went to las casitas. I used to go there all the time when I came into the area but lately we haven't been able to go. I enjoyed visiting members there and also getting to know their friends. One sister introduced us to a family that had been meeting with missionaries many years ago but now they want to start again. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father really does continually prepare his children for the gospel.  

Friday it was my companions birthday and also the day we had planned to make pie. I love baking but it can also be stressful if you have to make a lot. In doing that though I also get to teach others how to make new things and learn new skills. 

Saturday was Mothers Day here in Guatemala and also the day I was able to talk to my parents. It was really funny because they kept asking about things I would do when I am home. Truly I feel like I just came out on the mission so there is no need to think about that but it is sad to think there are only two months until I come home. 

After the call we went to the church for the activity and all of our investigators were there. At first we were only going to be there for a short time then leave for lessons but since everyone was there we wouldn't have anyone to teach. The time was better spent building relationships with the members and investigators. When the activity was over I was so exhausted but then we had to keep working.  

Sunday the Bishops wife was worried that I would have changes. I didn't but she told me that when I do leave I will leave her sobbing. I love the people here so much. I hope that I can continue to love and serve them even more and truly help them to have many spiritual experiences.