Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Tree in the Mission Office
I know that it is not yet Christmas, but I figure it is better to wish everyone a Merry Christmas before instead of after the date. I really cannot not believe how fast Christmas has come this year. I feel like Christmas was just yesterday because I didn´t leave very long after Christmas to come on my mission.  For some reason that time before never seems to change and everything at home is on pause. I really do hope that everyone will have a very Merry Christmas and focus on the Savior. Something I have been trying to do is give the best gift I can to Him.  He afterall gave me the best gift I can recieve. 

This week was really cool and fun. On Monday we started playing sports with investigators and members in the ward. It was a lot of fun but really hot and the day was even cloudy and a little windy.

Tuesday we woke up at 3am to be on the bus at 4. We had a new Missionary Reunion in the Capital at 10 am. In the bus I was able to sleep a bit. Since we did leave so early there wasn´t a ton of traffic and so we were able to get there early and study in a restaurant.  I also showed my companion around a bit since she didn´t know where the mission office and other things were.  In the conference I felt the Spirit so strongly. It always feels so good when the spirit testifies directly to your soul about the truths of the gospel. We were learning more about the doctrine and gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Wednesday the Familia Interiano had their Baptismal interview that went well.  It was funny though because our dog "Elder" kept following us all day. I love how he is with us and just sits outside of the houses when we are in a lesson.  I do think he is there to protect us even though our area isn´t dangerous.  He just follows the sister missionaries, always.

Thursday we had a great lesson with one of our investigators. He is always trying to know hard facts and make the Book of Mormon and the Bible the same which they are not. Instead of trying to teach to what we thought were his needs, we just listened and responded with doctrine to the questions he asked. This was really successful and the spirit was also really strong. I love how throughout my mission I have learned to follow the spirit more closely. I still can improve a lot but I like knowing that I am not the one teaching. 

Friday we got some sad news that Hno. Interiano would be leaving for business. He wouldn´t be able to be baptised on Saturday. He was really sad about that but they will still be baptized this week. I love the enthusiam he has to help and serve.

Since we didn´t have the baptism Saturday we used the time to go on divisions and meet less actives in the branch. It was great to know them and help them out. I really want to focus on strength

Bishop Sloan =) He was the Mission President of a person here

Santa he was In the Bus Station
Part of the Interiano Family

My Agenda for this Change

A Beautiful Sunset

thening the members here so that no matter what happens they won´t falter.  This gospel blesses lives in all moments. 

That night we had a great lesson with a family. It was one of the most interesting familes I have met but it was amazing. I will definately tell their story later because it is great.

Sunday I also gave a talk in church. I didn´t know that I would speak on until Church but it went really well. I really love giving talks. I always have enjoyed this so I think I may be a little different for that. I am really excited to talk to my family this week and I really hope everyone has a great Christmas.  Feliez Navidad!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fire in Monjas

Every week here in Monjas just seems to get better and better. With that, everyday gets better and better as well. I think some of the biggest contributing factors are the unity I have with my companion and also with the members here. We are all working together and we are all truly seeing miracles. 


Last Monday we had a lesson with a teenager who we thought was a member because she always goes to church with her aunt but she is not. It turns out that both of her parents recently died and so now she is living with her aunt. We talked about eternal families and how truly families can be together forever. This is one of the greatest things in the Plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. She really loved that and is excited to learn more about how it is possible and about the gospel.  


Tuesday I realized how amazing my companion is and how well we really work together. I think she is the most like me than any other companion and has the desire to work really hard.  She makes up for the things I lack. We had an investigator who was sick on this day as well and President came to give her a blessing. Now she is reading the Book of Mormon and even asked us if she could be baptized again since she was baptized in a different church.  


Wednesday we were looking for a contact ( just a sidenote, that is really hard in Monjas because there really are no directions) and we came upon two jovenes. We started talking to them and shared a message. They were interested to learn more and so we set a time to go back later. We went back on Saturday with some youth from Jalapa.  Juan said that he read the Book of Mormon and felt so much peace. He knows it is true and wants to be baptized. He even came to church on Sunday and when I was about to knock he opened the door because he was waiting for us.  He said in the lesson as well that he was waiting for us to come back and that he feels something different when we are there. Truly he is golden and chosen.  I am so excited to see all he will do in his life. 


Thursday I learned some crazy things about Monjas. I knew before that the chruch has fallen apart there because of some crazy things 10 years ago but that was not the first time. There is a cycle here and there are so many less actives because they didn´t have anywhere to go for church. It won´t happen agian though. Although what the church needs the most here now is the priesthood, the Lord is blessing us to find those men who are prepared and willing to serve. 


One of these men is Hno. Interiano. Him and his family are going to be baptized this Saturday. We have been teaching them since we got here and they are amazing. They weren´t sure about when they would be baptized though, the plan was the end of December or later. However we had a Christmas party on Friday and he saw all that President was doing since he doesn´t have couselors. Then he told him he was going to get baptized the next weekend and be sealed in one year so that he could help him out. He wants to be baptized because he knows the chruch is true but wants to do it sooner so he can serve. That made me so happy. Serving is how we show love for the Lord. 


The locals had not had Pie before and they went fast
Friday we had a Christmas party. To help out I taught people to make pie and mashed potatoes. We made 6 pies and they were all so good.  No one had had pie before and they loved it. It was a little stressful though because everyone just came at me to get more pie. 

They helped us make Pies
I was glad when it was all gone and it didn't take very long.


Saturday we had an activity for Monjas that youth from another ward came to work with us. It was really great and they are all excited to go and serve in missions now. I loved working with them and we gained a new family of investigators who want to be baptized as well. Along with that we were able to serve the family Interiano and contact. Truly I love working with members and here we always do. That is the key to the success we have. Truly all being united.  

Friends in our Home
Sunday night as we were going to sleep, we recieved a call from Prsident Desousa. He told us that we are on fire and the stake says we are the example for all of them. They want us to share what we are doing with the other missionaries as well. I am just working hard and the Lord is blessing us. In church, we had 7 investigators but a lot weren´t there.  We know what we are here to do.  I want to help as many families as I can be together forever. That is what I want and that is what I want everyone to have as well. What a great blessing. Have a great week.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Well hello there. I am happy to write that all is well here in Monjas.  Did I ever tell you that I really love being a missionary?  If I didn´t well now I have. Truly it is so amazing to do this work and to get to know all of the people here. Truly every single person is a child of our Heavenly Father. He loves them all so much!!!!!  


Our new comedor and my birthday dinner. We usually don´t eat so much 
Last Monday was my birthday and I tried to serve as much as I could by making breakfast for the Branch President and his wife. I also worked a little through out the day and to celebrate we went out to dinner. The food was really good!


Tuesday we had a Zone Conference for Christmas. We watched a movie called Ephrims Rescue and had a great luch. In addition to the movie we also learned a lot about the Godhead and the importance of it. I love learning from the Conferences we have.  It is amazing. We got a little plate from the mission to remember where we served.  The plate is really cool and has many symbols of Guatemala on it. 


Working Hard
That same day we started divisions that lasted about 3 days. At that time we visited many people.  In Monjas we have learned the area but we are still working on getting to know the people. The area has no directions, otherwise known in the states as addresses. That Wednesday I went to visit an investigator and she told us she didn´t want to be baptized. I talked about faith and how I felt before and after I was baptized as well.  She still didn´t want to and we left. Then the member who was with us told us that she wanted to be baptized that Saturday.  She was afraid to tell us but she was friends with the member we brought. That is why members are so important. We planned it all and she was baptized that Saturday which was so amazing and crazy at the same time. 


That day, as well we set a new fecha with a family we are teaching. They are so great and have been to church quite a bit and go to the activities but we are helping them to know why being baptized needs to be done to the proper authority.  Hopefully we can help them. That day as well went to teach this guy and after the prayer he just started in with all of his questions. He really is interested but wants to know so much right now. I listened and then spoke about how he can learn all of those things but we need to start with the basics. Milk before meat. I feel like that is something I have grown in - taking control of situations and bring them back to where we need to be.  He is excited and his wife who wasn´t interested before is interseted now as well.  :)


I Love Them!!
On Saturday I was wearing a dress and these two little boys asked if I was pregnant. I said yes and they asked if it was a boy or girl.  I laughed and said I didn´t know and that I wasn´t pregnant. They asked me why I was wearing a dress then. Later their mom thought I was married and had kids because of how I interacted with them.  My comp told her no and she commented that should get married and have a family that I would be a good mom.  I really do love kids-  and someday that will be great but for now, I will just serve the Lord. 


Sunday we had the Christmas devotional. It was so amazing and I really loved the talk by Elder Nelson. If you haven´t watched it please do. Your Christmas spirits will be lifted up and it will leave you feeling really good. I am excited for Christmas even though it doesn´t really seem that close. 

On the way to the Baptism

In Front of the Bus

The Baptism

I love watching people make covenants that can bless them for eternity 
It is a great time of year. Adios

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy 22nd Birthday Cailey!!

Happy 22nd Birthday Cailey!!
I can´t believe that it is my birthday today. Really I am not sure how I feel about having a birthday as a missionary. I don´t like thinking about myself so I will try not to. Last week as you know I had changes and now I am in Monjas which is about 40 minutes from Jalapa 4.5 hours from the Capital.  I really love it and my companion is awesome.  We  are opening the area again and I am training.  My second daughter is Hna. Recinos and she is from El Salvador.  She went to BYU before though so she speaks English well.  I remember when we met I didn´t know she spoke English and she said, " Lets take a picture." I commented that she really had a great accent and president Stay said it was because she could speak English. 

My New Companion

My new area is a really small branch of usually about 25 people and we meet in a house. Our house is actually right next door so that is nice. Saying goodbye again to people in my areas was really hard. I became so close with everyone.  Also,  there were several people who were sobbing because I was leaving.  How crazy are changes, they are good but sometimes really sad.  

Family Aparicio

Family Molina

Greisy Modonado and Family

The day we left the relief society president made us breakfast and then we left. In the meeting I was so suprised to see I would be training and opening an area. It is also my first area "outside of the  Capital".  We left the place where we had changes at 2pm and got to our house at 7:30pm.  It was sad not to work that day but we went srtaight to work the next day. 


The area seems really small to me but I also feel like I am in the United States sometimes.  It is really nice and no one is ever outside.  I found out that it is because there aren´t jobs here so they go to the USA and then come back.


Wednesday we had a crazy lesson as we were contacting. We taught this lady who at first told us she didn´t have kids and then she opened up to us. At the end of the lesson though people came to the house and just started fighting with us. I just sat there becasue their whole argument was that Sunday isn´t the sabbath. We let them talk so we wouldn´t argue, bore our testimonies and left. We will go back to teach the other lady again though.  


Thursday was Thanksgiving and really we didn´t do anything for it. I made some little cards for the Elders and taught a lesson about being thankful for the things we have.  Truly I am so grateful for all that I have in my life. Especially for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all of my family and friends.  I love them and I know that they love me. 

Thanksgiving in Guatemala

We also had a Noche de Hermanamiento, or a big Family Home Evening with the branch.  It felt like I was home and it was really fun. Truly this branch is a little family and I am so happy to be here and share with them. They are all working so hard. If the church is small the members are usually all really strong. 


The one thing that is a little weird about the area is that people are just too nice. A lot of  them aren´t interested in learning but if you ask to share something with them they invite you in. It can be hard but there are also so many people here that are really excited about the gospel. 


The Hermanas here also always have a dog. He follows us everywhere. Our area is super safe but it is still good to have extra protection. We named him Elder. I will have to take a picture one day. 


Yesterday in  church we had testimony meeting and the spirit in the little house was so strong. I even had the opportunity to share mine. I love this area and I am so excited to see the miracles take place. This is the work of the Lord and I love having the opportunity to do it. Also make sure to wish my mom a happy Birthday as well today. =) Adios