Monday, February 24, 2014

It's Possible

Hello!!!! I am in my new area now and it is awesome. Really I am not sure why but it seems like every single area I am in just keeps getting better and better.  Throughout the beginning of my mission I had a really hard time but I think that was so that I could learn even more and become the very best missionary I could be.  My mission President said that my area I am in now is really prepared and if I keep working hard like I have been that I can have a rich harvest here. I love how he trusts me to put me in this area where I can help  people.

This week was so amazing.  It was funny because I told my companion we were going to meet our goals for the week. She was surprised everyday with everything. She was like, Hna. Gurule,  I am so grateful to be with you because my whole mission I didn't think this was possible but now I know that it is. I am excited to see how things will go these next few weeks.

Last Monday however, I was still in Monjas and we went to say goodbye to some investigators and recent converts. It was crazy and sad. They all didn't want me to go.  One investigator Edin thanked me for coming and visiting him.  He said that every time I would come he would feel the spirit and he liked that feeling. I told him if he wants to continue to feel it he needs to keep praying, reading and going to church. It is amazing how we really are just there,  but I know that I am not the one doing the work, I am just the tool.  I think that has really helped me the most in my mission. Before I thought I had to do everything but really I just have to be there so they can feel the spirit. That makes what I do a lot less stressful and I am a lot happier.

Tuesday we went to changes and they announced I would open up an area in Friajanes. I am always opening areas but I have a lot of experience now. Haha I didn't know what it was called at first either so my companion and I just said we were going to frijoles. It is a really pretty area and it is cooler. My companion is Hna. Johnson from Utah. She is going to the University of Utah but wants to change to BYU.  She is 20 and likes animals. I think that we can get along great and work in unity. Really to do that all you need to do is love the other person.

This week we spent some time getting to know different members and investigators. They are all amazing and sometimes I feel like I am in Utah. Everyone knows about us even though they aren't members. The people in the street are like, we have never had sister missionaries here before. Then we would ask them if they are members and they say no.  It is near the capital but out of the capital. There are also some areas that are super nice.

On Saturday my companion and I had plans to go to the Temple with recent converts we helped but then the Elders in our zone needed our help so we decided to help them out. A sacrifice but one I thought we should make. We went to a youth missionary activity and the kids were so funny. When we first got there one girl was like high five. I stopped and asked it they could speak English. They all looked at me like I was crazy and said yes. I asked them how and they said that everyone can, plus the Prophet says we all need to learn English. That was crazy. I never expected that. They are all from Guatemala but live in a rich area. 

Something else crazy happened this week as well. This one guy got mad at us for contacting him and told us that we would never understand him because we were born in a land of gold.  If we don't work for a day we are fine.  If he doesn't work for a day he starves.  It was so weird but we bore testimony about the gospel and how it could bless his life.  Really though I am so gratetful to have been born in the USA. 

The ward we are in is really great and the people are super nice and love helping us out. They give us a ton of references and really share the gospel with all of their friends. I think they know how to do missionary work here and I am so excited for that. 

Well there is a lot that happened but that is all I have time to write right now. Have a great day. 

Best Week Ever !!! Post from 2/17/14

Time has come for me make another change and to go on and help people in another area. To be honest I am sad about this because I really do love my companion and my area. We are working really hard and doing things I  never thought were possible in my mission. This week for example was the best week I have had on my mission.  I am working harder than ever before and also I am realizing why I am here. We learned in the conference by Elder Ochao that we are here to Bautizar and Retener. Those who we baptize we don´t convert, the Lord does. He prepares His children and we help them on the path. 

Truly though this week my companion and I were working like crazy. We accomplished alot and saw many miracles. The people here in Monjas say that I am the most active missionary they have met. I think that is a compliment but I really am learning how to work hard and share the love our Heavenly Father has for them with them. I love testifying of that love and I was able to do so often this week because it is Valentine's Day. 

We decided to put the plan our branch President has in practice. We are working with member families to strengthen them.  Each of them have a less active family assigned with them that they help as well.  It was really amazing to see how the Lord is preparing them again to come back. They came to church or different activities with the Church this week and even invited friends. I love serving and helping people our Heavenly Father loves which is everyone.  

This week we also left with many members to teach. We are helping some of the youth to help prepare them for missions as well. As we went to lessons throughout the day it was great because they had a great testimony to share. In one lesson the people got mad and basically kicked us out of the house. As we left she was kind of sad and we told her it was okay because we are not here to force people or to  convince them but to invite them to come unto Christ.  
My Zone

On Valentine's Day it was amazing because Carlos had his baptism. Not only did he get baptized , he got baptized with one of his best friends. His friend was an investigator of the elders and then they went to a party at the stake center.  I am so happy for him and I am also excited because like the Carlos who got baptized in San Juan they are both preparing to go on missions.
I Love my Companion

Carlos was Baptized

Saturday the branch had a trip to the temple. We thought we would not be able to go but it turned out we could have. It was too late when we found out but not going was one of the best things. We found several families prepared for the gospel and we had a the best day of this whole week! 

Finally, on Sunday we went to church and all of our recent converts were there. I am excited for next week to see them pass the sacrament instead of the current Elders. Really Monjas has changed a lot in my time here.  There are  more members, more less actives that are now active and there are priesthood holders. I love to see the difference in a branch from when you get there to when you leave.  I do not know where I will go tomorrow but I know there are people there waiting for me.  Have a great week!
The Manager of the Restaurant we eat at.  She is Amazing.

Sunrise This Morning

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little by Little

I was at the top of a volcano today!!!!  Cool, Right. I think so. It was actually a tough climb but I love things like that because it helps me to work harder.  Climbing to the top of a mountain can be applied to many different things in life. As we climbed many people wanted to take little rests here and there. I didn´t,  I like to keep going even if it is slowly. That is what we need to do in life as well. We need to keep going and progressing even if it is just a little bit. When we made it to the top I was soaked with sweat but it was so pretty. It was also cool which made me really happy.  The people in my district liked what I said, ¨poco a poco¨and we will make it. 

I feel like in my mission that is what I  try to do. I want to work hard and accomplish a lot of things but we can´t run faster than we have strength. If we do as much as we can everyday we will reach our goals and the Lord will be working in our life in amazing ways. 

This week we had a really cool zone meeting where we taught the Restoration  to missionaries. I like applying it to us and learning even more about how much our Heavenly Father loves us and the plan he has. 

I really love different Mormon Messages and other tid bits that are picked up in lessons. We can´t use computers in our mission so I am saving them on a USB drive and giving them to the people to watch.  They are so powerful and really bring the spirit.  They are always the best in every situation but with some investigators we have they are exactly what they need.  

Thursday I completed one year here in Guatemala and even had the opportunity to go to the temple. That is really one of my most favorite places in the world and I love it even more now.  It was a crazy day though becasue the bus didn't come when it was supposed to and I thought we were gouing to be late. The amazing thing is that we weren't and I was even able to get a family name ready to take through. I love doing all aspects of missionary work especially when I get to be in the temple to do it. 

After the session we went by the CCM to take a picture since it really was exactly one year since I entered. It looked way different but I felt good thinking about how this year has been. It was crazy going home though because it was the latest we have ever left the city. When we got to Jalapa there were no buses to our area. Also the power was out there so we didn't know where to go.  Finally we got ahold of the sisters there and they called some members to give us a ride. It was so nice of them and we got home at 9.

Friday there was a baby shower in the branch for one member we helped to reactivate. It was very exciting I was sad that day though because one of our investigators started making bad decisions. Now he is reading the Book of Mormon again and that makes all the difference.  

I did realize that I have difficulty talking to people  in English. I tried with some people who were visiting from the states and my companion asked me afterwards why was I talking like a gangster. I just don´t remember the words to use and I get nervous. 

I love everything that is going on and I am also excited to also see other people in my branch go to the temple this week and get endowed. Along with them some recent converts will be doing baptisms.  All of these things are amazing if you don't know. I love it!  Have a great week. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Am a Child of God

Hello!!!! I am so excited to have the opportunity to write you this week. It is actually not P-day but we are still writing today. We have P-Day on Thursday because we are going to the temple and I am oh so very excited. The temple is the best place in the whole world.  Right now I am in Monjas, but earlier we were in Guate to do some residency things for my companion.
Hna. Gordon and I

All of us Sisters

Last week we were working like crazy to do all that we needed to. On Monday we reached our contacting goal that we had and passed it. We are working harder then ever here and it feels so good. I did find out last Monday though that the zone leaders left our letters on a bus. I had some so let me know if recently you sent a letter, like in January and I will see which one I am missing. 

Tuesday I went on divisions which I always love. I was with Hna. Gordon. She is a really great missionary and always has a ton of energy. It is really contagious and so we worked really hard.  It was kind of different though because we were with a member all day and she had a car. It really was a great experience and I feel like I know how to love people even more now.
I am Crazy

Fun in the Car

The next day when I came back I decided to apply the same energy to my area and it made a huge difference. It is starting to get really hot here but that is not affecting me. I am so excited to just be here and serve. We had a ward activity that night and I was helping with things so I didn´t hear what Simon said and I had to do the chicken dance in front of every one. I recruited some other girls and kids in the dance too haha.


I really liked how one of the members in my branch explained prayer to some of our investigators this week. He said it is like a switch that turns on and off as we use certain words that open up the channels of heaven.  I know that prayer is so powerful and if we know how to use it -what a great blessing that is in our lives.  

Saturday this week we had two more baptisms with some little kids. They truly know that they are children of God and love to sing that hymn all the time. They were so excited for their baptism even though Evelyn is really afraid of water. We practiced how it would be and even heated the water a little bit. Daniel was baptized first and it was great. Then Evelyn went and she took the courage to go under water. The only thing is that her foot came up. She didn´t want to try again and was crying. We all tried to be there and help her to feel better. Finally after 30 minutes she did it and even though she was still crying she said she felt really good and warm. I know that was the Holy Ghost. She is such a huge example of facing her fears and doing what is right.  

Carlos and his Siblings
Baptism of Daniel and Evelyn

It was great to see children of God entering in the waters of baptism. I invite all of you to learn more about how you can as well and to continue to really honor your covenants if you have already made them. Have a great week.