Monday, April 8, 2013

General Conference

Wow!! Another week has passed already. It is really strange because the weeks go by so slowly yet P-Days seems to come pretty fast. On our P-days I am not really sure what we can do. We were only allowed to play sports that first time but since then we have not been able to.  Last p-day we emailed
Sister's Conference
and then went back to our area and wrote letters and shopped for the week. My companions are starting to learn a little more English.  It is a rule for all Missionaries to learn English if they do not know it so I get to help teach them. It is fun to see them learn. Mainly we just read but I don't think they really understand it.


So an interesting thing that has been happening to me since I have been out in the field is that I have some really crazy dreams every night.  If you are my friend you have been in my dreams. I am always a missionary in them and I teach the gospel but you are all there as well in different circumstances to visit me or for me visiting you. It is strange but I am used to it now. I just thought everyone should know that they are in my dreams and I think about you all.


This week in personal study I have really learned a lot. I really love personal study and it is a time for me to gain personal revelation and learn how to help my investigators. As I was reading in Exodus this week I came across Moses asking God, "Who am I" He is just a man that was called to do the work of the Lord. I am just a girl that was called to do the same thing and help bring people unto Him and Christ. A lot of times we wonder, who am I to do these things? Why wasn`t someone else called to this work?  The reason is becuase we are the one's He needs. He knows our potential and no other person can do what we do.  It was comforting to read that a prophet has some of the same thoughts as I do at times. I realized, we just need to serve the Lord and do all he asks of us. I am his daughter and I am set apart to do this work for him. I love it!!! Because of that I have a goal to have no fear and to talk to more people in the street. It doesn't matter if I don`t think my Spanish is good enough. It is good enough to teach them about the gospel, bear testimony and invte them to follow and come unto Christ.


I had a great experience in a lesson this week as well. When I was investigating the Church I had a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Church but not of Joseph Smith. I know that sounds weird but it is true. This week though as we taught the restoration I felt the spirit so strongly testify that it was true. I knew that it was before but I love how when we I teach the gospel of Jesus Christ I gain an even stronger testimony of these things and a witnesss that they are true. It is one of the best feelings to know that this is the Lord's work.


In great news I also finally recieved my journal this week. I left it in the CCM. Now I am workiing on copying all of my journal entries. It is nice because I get to reread them and see how far I have come in just three weeks. Just for a note, I have been in Guate for two months now. Crazy right!!! 


So I hope that all of you had the opportunity to watch General Conference this weekend. It was amazing and I learned so much. In the mission, General Conference is sort of like the Superbowl. We all love it and it is truly a great weekend. If you have not watched it yet I would encourage you to do so. I really liked the Sunday morning session.General Conference focused a lot on missionary work and the family. Heavenly Father is preparing his children. Something funny is that one of my favorite talks was about marriage. I took notes that I can use in the future ;).  


Well there is a lot happening here but the biggest trial is the Baptism with our investigator on the 26th. We need her husbands permisison for her to be baptized but they don`t live together. This is really hard on her and her family. She has a testimony of the gospel and wants to get baptized. Make sure to pray that everything can work out for her and her family.


I guess to end this email this week, I will say that in Guate things are pretty different. I laugh everyday because people are just so open about everything. Especially couples. They just go in the street and are very close. They are everywehre. Along with that it is not weird here for a mom to breastfeed with out a cover or in public. It is interesting but just the way of life. I love it. I am so lucky to be in San Juan becuase  the weather is perfect and the people are so nice. It may be a little poor but I think that it is the best area in Guate. Anyway I love you  all and thank you for your support. I got letters this week from Kelsey, Grandpa, Jared and Shawn. Thankyou for the letters I will respond to them soon. 


Hna. Cailey Gurule

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