Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Opposition in All Things

(April 15 - April 21)


Another week has come and gone and now I have the wonderful opportunity to write you again!!! This week really has been interesting because there has been a lot of good and some not so good that has happened.  To start- last P-Day we went to a members house and played pool. I was suprised at how well I did and how much I enjoyed that.  My companions had not really played before, but we had fun. Playing pool reminds me a lot of my freshman year at BYU. It was a popular game and so while I played I sangthe BYU fight song in my head.  At first I didn`t think I would be able to remember it.


Zone Conference
Something I have mentioned before that is very exciting is that my companions are learning English. The things they say sometimes are so funny and really random. I know that in Spanish I make mistakes like they do so it is nice to know that I am not the only one. I try to help them as much as I can though and they seem to be learning. Along with helping them in our house, some members of the ward have asked if every Saturday I will go and help to teach them English. One of the members in the branch who is a little less active is going to help as well. He lived in the United States for a while. This will be a great way to help reactivate him as well and get him involved. I am excited to help them with the English language. When you teach others English it is nice becuase you get to practice Spanish as well while explaining..


Like many other weeks some of my favorite experiences happen on the bus. This week I was sitting on the bus and no one was next to me so I decided to read the Confernce Ensign. As I did, a little girl in the seat in front of me stood and started talking about the pictures in the magazine. I showed them all to her and was able to teach her about the lemple and the prophet. She wanted to see more pictures so I took out the pamphlets I have and taught her very basically the lessons and talked about Jesus Christ. She was so happy to talk to me and loved all of the pictures. I then asked her if she liked to sing. She did and started singing to me. I taught her "I am a Child of God" and " Families Can Be Together Forever". It was a nice experience, the little girl was only 5 but I love sharing the gospel truths with everyone. It was also great practice to talk to a little girl and explain things simply. That is how people learn best.  


On Wednesday we had Zone Conference where our Zone gets together and President Stay comes. There are a lot of workshops and practice teaching. I love all of the missionaries in my zone. We learned a lot about how to improve as missionaries. Especailly about having love for our companions. One of my favorite things was that while the meeting was in Spanish, the latino missionaries had to offer the prayers and talks in English. Their talks were about their conversions to the gospel. Those are some of my favorite stories. The gospel really does change lives and it helps people so much. For lunch it was catered by the chefs from the CCM. I made some great friends with the chefs so it was nice to talk to them again. The Chefs  told me that there are 86 Nortes in the CCM right now and most of them are girls. That is insane!! At the end of Zone Conference we recieved letters and I was very happy to get some from, my mom, Elise, Tavia, Lori and Jared. I love getting letters. ;)
All of us at Zone Conference


This week with my companions it was my turn to plan. It is fun to be in charge but I like to have everyone contribute to what we are going to do. We had divisions one of the days and I was paired with a girl in the branch. Her brother was the one that just left on a mission and she wants to serve a mission one day too. We taught different members and helped to strengthen them along with getting references. Members are the best help for missionary work- if only more would understand that. 

My partner from the Branch that I did Divisions with.

In a lesson with some members that are not sealed in the temple we were so excited to help them prepare for an eternal marriage and had a lesson all planned out. As we began teaching however we realized that one of them did not believe in life after death. Then he said he didn`t know if God or Chirst was real. It was a little confusing but we are going to teach him all of the lessons and help him to gain a testimony of these things. 

So the sad parts of this week is that the work was a little hard. It seemed that all of our appointments fell though. The saddest thing is that our precious little family does not want to meet with us anymore. I do not know why. It is a little hard to see people go. You get so attached to them as you teach them and you love them so much. I will still do all I can to help them though. I know that the work may be a little slow right now but I will continue to do all that I can and I know that the Lord will bless me. This is his work after all. Oh and a few days this week it rained. I LOVE rain. Well have a great week. Thank you for all of you love and support.
Arrrrr!!!1  We are Pirates

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