Monday, April 1, 2013

Trust in the Lord

Once again it is P-Day and I have the opportunity to write about my experiences here in Guatemala.  Last week I forgot to mention a few things so I will talk about those first. One thing that we do is before each lesson we sing a hymn. The people here really like music and it helps to invite the spirit. I guess it is a good thing that I like to sing as well.  Another thing is that whenever I go to a house people offer us coffee. The thing is that they are members and it is not really coffee, it is Morcafe, some tortilla coffee thing or whatever. I am always worried about drinking it though but they are fine. I actually like those drinks.


Last P-Day after emailing we just worte letters and played a little basketball. We also went to a chicken fast food place for lunch. It was like a restaurant sort of like Denny`s. All of the fast food restaurants are sit down it is really different. They  put the food on a real plate and everything. After p-day was over, we went and had family home evening with a family. The family is amazing and we taught about tithing. I planned an activiity with candy that the whole family seemed to enjoy. Sweets from the states have more sugar than the sweets they have here. After the lesson was over I wanted to take a picture with the family and it was cute because all of the kids wanted to stand next to me.  


The next day was probably the best on my mission so far. We woke up and left the house early to go contact with a member. We taught three lessons and in all of them the spirit was really strong. It was funny becuse in the first lesson I thought the people had lost a child and I bore testimony about how families can be together forever. I also talked about my little sister who passed away. At the end I found out that they just had a baby. To my defence the lesson was still good - my companion told me they had but I guess she didnt understand my question.  The next lesson was with an olderly couple who, when we sang the opening hymn, had some tears in their eyes. I becgan to teach and right as I did she started preaching to us. I didn`t understand what she said. That was good because I was able to listen to the spirit.  After a while I thinkcompanions were done and I took out the book of Mormon. I taught about it and bore testimony about how I knew this book was true. The people decided they wanted to read it. I was super surprised but a testimony and the Book of Mormon are very powerful. The final lesson was in this house with 5 girls. As we taught them the spirit was so strong. They were prepared for what we shared and in the end the mom prayed and thanked God for sending her angels with His word. It was pretty cool if I do say so.


I have come to realize on my misison that I am not good at making tortillas. If you want me to make some when I get home they will either be really fat or not round at all. More importanly though I have such a strong testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He really did take upon Himself our sin, pains , afflictions- everything. As we learn to rely on Him we become strengthened and have more faith to do His will. We  become a lot more humble and ready to heed to a prompting of the Spirit.


On Wednesday we had a Hermana Confernce in the Capital. It was a lot of fun to be with all the sisters in the mission and see the friends I had made in the CCM. I also had the opportunity to talk to other Nortes. One of my favorite things there was seeing the Brinton`s. They are the health people that cover all of Central America. They are they Aunt and Uncle of the Judd`s in Las Vegas. 


So Thursday and the rest of the week was a little harder because almost all of our appointments fell through. Strangely enough I didn`t feel bad about that and I was really happy to be in Guatemala and doing this work. Even though we did not teach any of the lessons we had planned, we did teach this one family and we are going to have Family Home Evening with them later tonight. They are really loving and have such a clean house. It is interesting that I say that because they have dirt floors but it is clean dirt I am not sure how they do it. . I make a point to eat everything that people give me. Last week I was scared to eat the food but this week I feel more comfortable with the types and variety.


Part of the week my companions were sick so we had to stay in the house. I was a little sad because I like to be out working but I also got a lot done and had a good day studying and cleaning.  This week was also Semana Santa the Holy week here so buses were really expensive and there were not that many. 


Congratulations to my friend Michael and his Fiance Tia on their engagement.
This is Michael and I at my Farewell
Yesterday was Easter so I hope you all had a great day. I gave a talk in church about the atonement and people told me they liked it and understood. That made me happy.  Next week is General Conference, to everyone who reads this, WATCH IT!!!!!
I love how every 6 months we get to hear from the prophet of God. If you do not know how to watch it go to and it will tell you. It is on the TV on the internet, radio, etc.


Well I am just about out of time. I love you all very much and I miss you more. Have a great week!!!


Love, Hermana Cailey Gurule

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