Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hola!!!! Monday has come around again, so I am here to write about my week. Last Monday, we came to write email like usual and then had a two hour zone meeting. It was long but good to talk with the elders in our area about how we could work better togetther.  There was not much to do afterwards, so Hna. Duarte and I had a competition in a Mega Paca to find something from BYU that was new. The winner woiuld buy the other person ice cream. To our suprise there was nothing there that day.  When we went back to our area, Hna. Duarte started feeling really poorly so we went to the house so she could rest. 

The next day, we met with our investigator in San Raymundo and her mom. We wanted to get her mom's permission to teach her because it is a lot better to have the support of the parents. The family is really important. In the lesson we talked about what we do and about the church. The only question the mom had was if she could go to our church and activities since she was Catholic. Of course!!! When we committed them to church however, the mom said they couldn`t go because there was no time. Fernanda then spoke up and said she had time and would definately be there. ¡Que Pilas! She is so excited and loves learning. This week she even went to a conference where two members of the seventy came and she loved it. Out of all the people I have taught on my mission so far, she is the one most like me. 

That night we went to teach Laura. She had some more concerns about her baptism and so she told us she wasnt sure if she wanted to be baptized in the next week. We just want her to know that no matter what, we are there to help her. 

On Wednesday, we went to meet with Nestor and he needed to clean the store. I guess they hadn't cleaned in about two years so there was a lot of dust. Then, he read the Book of Mormon with us and said that he would be coming ot church this week. More than anything, I want to get the youth involved with knowing him and being his friend. The members are so important. 

After lunch we met with Carlos who has his baptism this week. He really started opening up to us and bore the testimony that he has. I love it when that happens because testimonies are so strong. He said he will invite his family to his baptism and even though they are Catholic they will come.  I really hope they do.  Later we went to meet with Laura again and helped out by doing some things at her house. 

To end the night we went to the old Branch President's house. On the way up the hill, my companion looked a little red. I asked her if she needed to stop for a bit and she said "yes." She sat down and then all of a sudden, couldn't breath. She didn't have her asthma medicine so I gave her mine but she was still having problems. Everyone in the street was gathered around to see what was going on. A car stopped and took us to a health center. I went to call the elders since I couldn't get ahold of anyone else. We were there until 10:00 p.m., but she wasn't any better. 

The next day, we went to the doctor. He said that she had Broncholosis and something with a microplasma.  It is contageous and since I have asthma as well they checked me out and it turns out I had it as well.  That meant that for three days we had to be in the house. I still worked there and wrote a lot. My companion just slept. I am better now I think but she is not so we will have to do a lot of divisions this week so we can teach all of our investigators. The work is really taking off here. 

Well I need to go but I hope you have a great week. My p-day next week will be on Thursday because we are going to the Temple. Finally!!!!! I love you all. 

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