Monday, August 26, 2013

Count Your Blessings

I feel like all week I have been counting my blessings here, so I thought I would share with you some of the many blessings I have seen in my life this week. I am super happy to be serving the Lord and doing this work. That is a blessing to begin with but there are just so many more.  

It all started on Monday when we didn't have P-Day but we had internet in the Stake Center. On the way back home, I was looking out of the bus window and I started thinking. I looked at the poeple, nature, and everything. It felt so good to know that I was there to help them and I could by giving them the knowledge of the gospel. Guatemala really is a beautiful country and I am so glad to be serving here. Then I also thought about the culture and language that I have come to know and love. It was a rough start being here but I am accustomed to how things are now.

Later in the day, we went and visited with a member in the ward who in the last year has lost two sons and a nephew--two of them passed away just in the last month. It was so amazing though, to see the comfort she has through living the gospel and the knowledge she has that she will see them again. What a blessing.

On Tuesday, we had interviews with President and Sister Stay. Those interviews really help and bring to light what things we can do better. I am blessed to have my Mission President and his wife here. Something that President Stay mentioned is how Latinos hold their heart out in their hands and we guard ours becasue we don't want it to get hurt. Part of the reason I am here is to open mine more. What a blessing to be able to love the people here even more as well as all those I come in contact with. 

That same day as we went out I asked my companion if I could borrow some money and pay it back at the house because I forgot to grab some. She said it was fine. Then we got on the bus and when she went to find her money it wasn't there. We tried to figure out what to do. I had 7 quetzs and the bus was 5. Then a man gave us 10. We were worried how to get back though when the bus attendent told us not to worry about paying.  Now we had money to go home. What a blessing. Even more, the money of my companion was in our house.

Wednesday was the three year mark of my baptism into the Church. I am so blessed to have the knowledge that I do and to share it with others. Really out of all the decisions I have made in my life, this is the best one. I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ on the earth and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to make covenants with God and for the continual opportunity to progress and learn more in this life.

Thursday was an early morning but we got to go to the Temple. I was so happy to be there and I love the temple so much. While inside I had so much gratitude for all we have in this life and for the opportunity we have to live on the earth. 

Friday, we went with the elders to bless a house and then had a lesson with our investigator. She told us that she wants to move her baptism up to the next week. So many of the people I have taught are truly prepared or golden, especially Carlos. Our investigator who will be baptized this Sunday, mentioned to us that before she met with us she had a problem smoking. However, the very first day she met us she stopped. She didn't even realize it at first but now realizes that it isn't a problem anymore.  If she is tempted, she thinks about Jesus Christ and the temptation goes away. This is not something we taught her.  The Lord truly knows our faults and works personally with each of us to change them into strengths. 

Saturday, I went and visited the investigator I have worked with the longest in this area. He told me that he liked the Church and he thinks it is true. That made me so happy and I had a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Sunday in church, all of my converts and investigators with a baptismal date were there. That doesn't always happen. It made me so happy to see them all there! Also the speaker that day was Hna. Mary. She is a great person and speaker, but when I came to the area, she was very inactive in the church. I realize that I am making a difference here in San Juan in the lives of poeple I visit and teach. It is such an amazing feeling.

The other thing that I am really thankful for is my family and friends. They are all so amazing and have given me so much love, support, and guidance. I am so glad I have the opportunity to know everyone who I do. Heavenly Father truly blesses us so much everyday. All we need to do is look around and see the blessings. In other words, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!

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