Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6 Months!!!!!

Picture from April - Earlier on my mission

Can you believe that I am one third of the way through my mission?  It is crazy to think about. I am doing great and I am seeing a lot of really wonderful things happening in my area right now.  We do not really have a p-day anymore. Last Monday, we went to write emails, had district meeting, and then we went to our area to teach a lesson.  Our lesson was with a 19 year old boy who came to church on Sunday. He contacted us and we invited him. In the first lesson we planned a baptismal date and he is really excited to learn more and prepare. 

After the lesson with him, we went and taught Nestor. He talked a lot about his aunt Laura and how she really wants to be baptized. He says that he is not ready right now, but is always asking us what if he did. He says he doesn't read either but when we come to teach him he is always reading the Book of Mormon.  He is a pretty funny kid. 

Tuesday, we started the morning off by painting some rocks on a wall for service. It was a lot of work!  While painting, it became very clear to me that I like things to look nice which helps me to focus on doing good work. As I was careful to do a good job, I probably painted 1/4 of the wall while my companion painted the rest.  After the wall was complete, we went to San Raymundo to meet with Julio and some other members there. It was great to see him. He told us that he felt super bad to not be in church the week before but explained that from the time he was born the last Sunday in July is always spent with his family. Of course we understood that.

Wednesday, we met with Laura. She wants to be baptized very soon. I am really happy that she has that desire but it is also important that she understands everything and has a testimony. She also talked about Nestor and how she wants to be baptized with him.  We discussed what he shared with us, that if he gets baptized his family will kick him out of the house. The situation is sad, as he is torn and cannot follow his heart at this time.  We also discussed that if he made the decision to be baptized, it would bless his life so much. At that point his family would see how great the choice is for him and want it as well. The gospel, when lived, can be one of the greatest influences for good in the world. I feel that is one of the needs of Nestor though is to have the confidence to follow his heart.

Thursday, we found another investigator who is 15 and lives in San Raymundo. She wants us to meet with her family and has a baptismal date set.  Somehow we went from basically having nothing here to having three progressing investigators with baptism dates. It is very exciting!!  Not only that, each one has an Amulek (fellowshipper) or a member of the church to help them. It is amazing to see how the Lord does His work!

The next two days we spent in the house. My companion was sick again. I am not sure why, but she is having a difficult time adjusting physically.  While we were home, I deep-cleaned our apartment inside and out. At night, I had some time to lay on the balcony and look at the stars and reflect. I love moments like that. It is amazing to just think about all that is important. 

Sunday Hna. Duarte was sick again but we went to church. I was really bold that day. I am not really sure where it came from but I think all that I said especially to our investigators will help them to progress. One of the strangest things as well is that this week we spent three days in the house but we taught 20 lessons. What a miracle!

  Thank you for your love and support.  I will write again next week.

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