Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Crazy Zone with those who Celebrate Birthdays in November
So this week we spent partly in the house and partly outside. My companion and I continued to switch who was sick and when we had divisions planned they all fell through. Last Monday though we went to the office to  meet with the nurse.  She gave me medicine thinking I had broncolosis again. I am not sure what it was though but it is all good. 


In the night time we has a NDH and it was a great lesson. Somehow in the prayer though I felt super bad like I was going to be sick and I was really dizzy. When the prayer was over I just got up to leave and then I had to sit on the floor. I felt really bad and we still didn`t have our phone so that night we didn`t call the Elders. 


The next day I felt much better but my comp didn`t. We mainly just stayed in the house except for when we went to get our phone from the office. There was so much rain and flooding in the streets and the lightning was really loud and close, I loved it. It was really funny though because during one really close lighting and thunder a lady screamed. The whole bus was laughing but it was good. On the way back we took a taxi. At one point I was a little worried because I didn`t know where we were going or if he was taking us to the right place. My companion was sleeping and we passed things I had never seen before even a huge bridge. It was really pretty but I didn`t want to go to some place hours away from our area. Then finally he went a way I knew. I talked to him though and he is planning to take his family to church. I really hope he went on Sunday because I know how much it can bless his life.


Tuesday night we found out that Wednesday we had interviews with President Stay. I love interviews but there are always things we have to memorize or prepare. Something I have really noticed is that I actuallly have a great memory and I memorized the 13th article of faith in English and Spanish in 5 minutes. President is really here for a reason and I know that a big part of why I am in this mission is him. He knows exactly what to say and how to help us. He talked about spiritual eyes and ears and how they help us to see more but that others may not have them to understand. That made a lot of sense and helped me with some things. 


Thursday even though we weren`t fully better we went out to work. I love working a lot and it makes me feel so much better. We also met a new family this week who are actually members. They are excited to start going back to church and their kids are as well. I love  when we meet someone and we can help them to come back to church or help them to know the truth. 


So I think just to end this that I will tell you all about my new boyfriend I have here. He is 4 and his name is Bradford. It was so funny because him and his brother has a strength competition lifting their bikes over there head to be my boyfriend. Really he is just a little boy who likes me but he is really cute and likes to tell people, " Ella es mi novia".  Well anyway that is basically it and I will write you all next week. A

Birthday in November in our Zone


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