Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Tree in the Mission Office
I know that it is not yet Christmas, but I figure it is better to wish everyone a Merry Christmas before instead of after the date. I really cannot not believe how fast Christmas has come this year. I feel like Christmas was just yesterday because I didn´t leave very long after Christmas to come on my mission.  For some reason that time before never seems to change and everything at home is on pause. I really do hope that everyone will have a very Merry Christmas and focus on the Savior. Something I have been trying to do is give the best gift I can to Him.  He afterall gave me the best gift I can recieve. 

This week was really cool and fun. On Monday we started playing sports with investigators and members in the ward. It was a lot of fun but really hot and the day was even cloudy and a little windy.

Tuesday we woke up at 3am to be on the bus at 4. We had a new Missionary Reunion in the Capital at 10 am. In the bus I was able to sleep a bit. Since we did leave so early there wasn´t a ton of traffic and so we were able to get there early and study in a restaurant.  I also showed my companion around a bit since she didn´t know where the mission office and other things were.  In the conference I felt the Spirit so strongly. It always feels so good when the spirit testifies directly to your soul about the truths of the gospel. We were learning more about the doctrine and gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Wednesday the Familia Interiano had their Baptismal interview that went well.  It was funny though because our dog "Elder" kept following us all day. I love how he is with us and just sits outside of the houses when we are in a lesson.  I do think he is there to protect us even though our area isn´t dangerous.  He just follows the sister missionaries, always.

Thursday we had a great lesson with one of our investigators. He is always trying to know hard facts and make the Book of Mormon and the Bible the same which they are not. Instead of trying to teach to what we thought were his needs, we just listened and responded with doctrine to the questions he asked. This was really successful and the spirit was also really strong. I love how throughout my mission I have learned to follow the spirit more closely. I still can improve a lot but I like knowing that I am not the one teaching. 

Friday we got some sad news that Hno. Interiano would be leaving for business. He wouldn´t be able to be baptised on Saturday. He was really sad about that but they will still be baptized this week. I love the enthusiam he has to help and serve.

Since we didn´t have the baptism Saturday we used the time to go on divisions and meet less actives in the branch. It was great to know them and help them out. I really want to focus on strength

Bishop Sloan =) He was the Mission President of a person here

Santa he was In the Bus Station
Part of the Interiano Family

My Agenda for this Change

A Beautiful Sunset

thening the members here so that no matter what happens they won´t falter.  This gospel blesses lives in all moments. 

That night we had a great lesson with a family. It was one of the most interesting familes I have met but it was amazing. I will definately tell their story later because it is great.

Sunday I also gave a talk in church. I didn´t know that I would speak on until Church but it went really well. I really love giving talks. I always have enjoyed this so I think I may be a little different for that. I am really excited to talk to my family this week and I really hope everyone has a great Christmas.  Feliez Navidad!!!!!!

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