Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Well hello there. I am happy to write that all is well here in Monjas.  Did I ever tell you that I really love being a missionary?  If I didn´t well now I have. Truly it is so amazing to do this work and to get to know all of the people here. Truly every single person is a child of our Heavenly Father. He loves them all so much!!!!!  


Our new comedor and my birthday dinner. We usually don´t eat so much 
Last Monday was my birthday and I tried to serve as much as I could by making breakfast for the Branch President and his wife. I also worked a little through out the day and to celebrate we went out to dinner. The food was really good!


Tuesday we had a Zone Conference for Christmas. We watched a movie called Ephrims Rescue and had a great luch. In addition to the movie we also learned a lot about the Godhead and the importance of it. I love learning from the Conferences we have.  It is amazing. We got a little plate from the mission to remember where we served.  The plate is really cool and has many symbols of Guatemala on it. 


Working Hard
That same day we started divisions that lasted about 3 days. At that time we visited many people.  In Monjas we have learned the area but we are still working on getting to know the people. The area has no directions, otherwise known in the states as addresses. That Wednesday I went to visit an investigator and she told us she didn´t want to be baptized. I talked about faith and how I felt before and after I was baptized as well.  She still didn´t want to and we left. Then the member who was with us told us that she wanted to be baptized that Saturday.  She was afraid to tell us but she was friends with the member we brought. That is why members are so important. We planned it all and she was baptized that Saturday which was so amazing and crazy at the same time. 


That day, as well we set a new fecha with a family we are teaching. They are so great and have been to church quite a bit and go to the activities but we are helping them to know why being baptized needs to be done to the proper authority.  Hopefully we can help them. That day as well went to teach this guy and after the prayer he just started in with all of his questions. He really is interested but wants to know so much right now. I listened and then spoke about how he can learn all of those things but we need to start with the basics. Milk before meat. I feel like that is something I have grown in - taking control of situations and bring them back to where we need to be.  He is excited and his wife who wasn´t interested before is interseted now as well.  :)


I Love Them!!
On Saturday I was wearing a dress and these two little boys asked if I was pregnant. I said yes and they asked if it was a boy or girl.  I laughed and said I didn´t know and that I wasn´t pregnant. They asked me why I was wearing a dress then. Later their mom thought I was married and had kids because of how I interacted with them.  My comp told her no and she commented that should get married and have a family that I would be a good mom.  I really do love kids-  and someday that will be great but for now, I will just serve the Lord. 


Sunday we had the Christmas devotional. It was so amazing and I really loved the talk by Elder Nelson. If you haven´t watched it please do. Your Christmas spirits will be lifted up and it will leave you feeling really good. I am excited for Christmas even though it doesn´t really seem that close. 

On the way to the Baptism

In Front of the Bus

The Baptism

I love watching people make covenants that can bless them for eternity 
It is a great time of year. Adios

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