Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Last Monday I spent my  time trying to figure out what classes I would take in the Fall. Believe it or not I only have a few months left in the mission which for me is really sad. Last week it was weird to think about what I would be doing when I get home but then I went right to work because I don't like to think about it too much. I am excited to be with family and friends again but that will come when it does. for now I am serving the Lord. 
Good Food for St. Patrick's Day
This week I have realized how important it is to always be in our area working really hard. One day this week we had to leave and when we came back we realized that Satan was working really hard there while we were gone. There were a lot more troubles to have the baptism that was the same day and also one of the baptisms we had planned for the next week fell through because of a Word of Wisdom problem that he had been so good about.

One good thing that came from that is that our investigator knows how much we really do care for him and want to help him. Not only us however but the members as well. He came to church on Sunday upset about what happened but when we talked to him about it he learned even more about the atonement of Christ and more of what he can do to not only resist that temptation but all of them. 

There have been serveral miracles in finding people this week as well. One of them was as we were walking home. It was night time and no buses were passing by. There was this 16 year old girl walking behind us. We started talking to her and found out that she has been to church before and wants to get baptized but her dad wouldn't let her. We think that we can help with that because we are sisters and the dad might not have been super sure about the elders before. As well,  we found another family yesterday that has been going to church before and moved to our area. They have an Ensign subscription, watch general conference and were really involved in their last Ward. It is funny because things like that happen in our area all the time.  


The baptism we had this week was from another part family. All of her family are members but something happened so that she couldnt be baptized. She is so cute though. I know that she will be a great example to her sisters and help them as well. Her and her sister, as we were walking to the baptism told us about how they want to be missionaries as well when they are older. I really hope they are able to. 

Something that I have really learned about on my mission is the importance of marriage in our lives. I see the side effects of people living together and not being married everyday. People live with one another without really trusting the other enough to get married. Really a lack of trust and respect for the other person is the reasons I have seen for why people do not get married or just live together. I have decided that I will have something better than that. Someone that will trust me completely and will respect me as well. That is what I want for others. It is in those relationships that we will grow the most and have the most joy. 
Cool Fog
Sorry about that but it is just a sad thing I see everyday. I know that we can change though and become better. I for example need to become a lot more humble. I can be stubborn in the way that I want to do things but that is not how it should be. With that I am grateful to have this time NOW to change and become who my Heavenly Father wants me to be. Have a great week

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