Monday, March 3, 2014

Volcano Erupting and Another Great Week

My new zone is one of the strangest I have been in. Last p/day we hung out with this one girl Mafer who drove us around in her car. It was a lot of fun to go and explore and have a little bit more time than usual because we didn't have to take a bus. It was also fun to be with other missionaries and go to the mall. We also went to her house and I was able to cook on a real stove. Something I really loved was making Hummus. I really like to cook and miss it.  My companion also likes it when I cook or experiment with food here in Guate. 
Working Hard

 A Cool Bread I ate

Tuesday we had a lesson where I learned something very important. Sometimes you just can't help people. If you try the spirit leaves. The next time though I know to leave right away and not try to help them. It wasn't so bad but I felt bad for staying for the 30 minutes we did. That day we did see a miracle. One of the youth we are teaching thought she wouldn't be able to be baptized because of her parents but then she found out that she could. She was so happy and was glowing. 

I am also grateful for the gospel and the knowledge I have that families are eternal.  This week we shared about eternal families a lot. With one family it was so cute as the wife put her hand on her husbands knee and looked at him. You could tell that see really wants that in her family. With this same family it was so amazing because they had a huge container of coffee and sold it to follow the word of wisdom. 
We got a Microwave.  I haven't seen one of these in over a Year.

New Fridge

Later that week we found out that this family will have to leave because they don't have any money or even food for their kids. It is so sad when that happens. The mom was sobbing into our chest because she didn't want to. It was so sad.  The really love us, we love them a lot as well. How could we help them? It was their pastor that got them the job super far away because he doesn't like that we are meeting with them. They felt bad though and on Sunday told us they wouldn't leave. The spirit told them they shouldn't. It was the best news I had ever heard. We were all so happy together.  
This week we also had a baptism of a girl named Yesenia. She is so amazing and has wanted to be baptized for a long time. I am so glad that she was able to make that step in her life. 

Yesterday was really amazing. We had a stake conference and there were a lot of missionaries from the Temple, Nortes and our Mission Presidents there. We are in the first stake in Guate and it is amazing. The Conference was really great. There was also a volcano that erupted but the wind is blowing the other direction so the smoke isn't toward us. 
Volcano Erupting

Also I am really happy because I have been reaching the goals we set every week it feels so good but makes the time pass too fast. Have a great week . 

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