Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Best Week Ever!!

Our Path to Lunch
I know that I say this a lot but  this week was so amazing. I think that every week gets better and better because we are doing more and more to help more of Heavenly Fathers Children. We are placing our trust in the Lord  and increasing our goals. It is amazing as we put our trust in the Lord and make our goals, we are accomplishing them. 

Last Monday I had a different kind of P-day and while my companion decided to take a nap I decided to study. I really did want to learn more about humility. I have a lot of trust in the Lord and all that I am doing here is for Him but I feel like we can all become better and learn more so that is what I did. Suprisingly I have felt a huge change in myself as well this week and that has brought even more miracles to the work that we are doing.  

Us with our Sisters 
That night we met with Byron and he received a priesthood blessing. We also made a plan with him so he could overcome his temptations and be baptized. It was amazing and he is doing so well. I can tell that he feels  everyone is there for him. 

Tuesday I wasnt feeling very good but just for that day. In one of our lessons though I just came out and boldly asked,  "Are you going to read the Book ( Book of Mormon) or not". They thought and then decided they really wanted to know so all the other things they were saying weren't really that important. If you know the Book of Mormon is true then everything else falls into place. 

Wednesday I realized that once again I am not to far from the end of my mission. If you want to know why, I thought that, then you should look at my belongings. Everything I have is falling apart and breaking. I fix them with superglue but at one point I was just waiting for something else to break as well. It was pretty funny.  A man also thought that my companion and I were from Europe that was a first. 

Thursday is a day of planning here in the mission. I really opened up to my companion more than I have and with that she opened up to me more as well. We are a great team and work hard but there are always things we can get better at. I told her as well that if I do something she doesnt like, if she feels I am not listening, if I do something to make her sad etc to tell me. This is so important to recognize your faults and to change to become better. not only will i help in marriage but also in all aspects of life. Everyone needs to feel important and loved. 

Saturday there were a lot of activities in the church along with  a baptism. It was so amazing because there were a ton of members there with a lot of food. I really love to eat and see people come unto Christ. Our investigator that is getting baptized next week was also there and he made many more friends as well. 

Then Sunday we went to church and had divisions later in the day. We found 10 new investigators and 3 new familes that seem really promissing. Sunday is a great day for missionary work and I love when the members go out with us. Well,  have a great week. I love you all so much.

Cool 3D Art at the Mall

Baptism of Shirley

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