Thursday, February 21, 2013

Off to Panama

Hola!   This week has been amazing.  I am sorry if I am rushed again
in writing this week, but we do not have very much time and we are going to the temple in 30 minutes for the first time.  I am really excited to go becuase the temple has been closed for the last two weeks.  This week I really became close with all of the Latinas. It is funny that I can understand most of what they were saying when only two weeks ago I had no clue about anything they said. The days in the CCM are usually the same. WE wake up in the morning and go play sports, then we have personal study and eat breakfast. The food is really good, we usually have meat, fruit and bread. Yummy!!! Thursday was Valentine's Day or Dia de Carino. I hope that you know that I love you all so much.  Spanish really does do weird things to me. Last week, a Hermana in my district started talking to me and I told her I didn't understand.  It turns out she was speaking in English but I guess I was thinkig in Espanol.  I have 2 new investigators this week one being my new teacher who was also my first investigator. I love it here and I have learned so much.

Today we went to a stake center about
20 minutes away to play sports. We then went to Walmart and a Mall.
Oddly enough I feel like I am in California not Guatemala. It is really nice here. 

So the biggest thing that happened this week is that my companion, Hermana Lesher found out that she would be leaving this week. She left this morning to Panama. I will miss her a lot but Heavenly Father knows what is best and she was needed there right now.

She is fluent in Spanish so she will be fine. That means I do not have a companion right now but that will change tomorrow.  Every two weeks the CCM is emptied as people go to their mission and the Nortes get to go on a field trip. I am doing great and I love you all so much. One request that I have is to send letters. I have not received one yet but I might today. Mail comes on Tuesday and Thursday at about 9pm.  Oh, I almost forgot this week in Church I gave my very first talk as a Missionary and in Spanish.  People were crying so I hope I had the spirit because my Spanish is not that great. I also taught in Sunday School and sang in Church. It was a busy Sabbath day. I love the way the Latinos sing. They are not the best singers but they sing loud and with all their heart. Well, I have to go. I will write agian next week. Hermana Gurule

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