Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hola!  This week has been absolutely amazing. There are so many miracles.  Sorry if This is weird. The keyboards are different.

Guatemala really is beautiful. The weather is perfect and this time of year in the city there are no mosquitos.  When I first got here they had us move a lot because the capacity for the CCM is 95 people and there are 160 missionaries here. Out of those missionaries 29 are Nortes or from the USA. We are the minority. I live with all of the Norte Hermanas in Casa 6 which is actually outside of the CCM (MTC in Spanish). This is the first time they have had people live out side of the CCM but I like it becuase we get to walk by the temple each day.  My district is Isaias.  There  are two Elders and four Hermanas. Two of the Hermanas including my companion is fluent in Spanish.  My campanion is Hermana Lecsher. She is from Aurora Colorado and she is truly amazing.  We are the perfect team because I know the gospel and she knows spanish.  The food here is super good but we do have to eat it all so we do not offend the cooks. The only thing I have had that I do not like is passion fruit. I think it tastes like puke.  The oreos are amazing unlike how the are in the states now they actually get soft. If you dont believe me , try it. I love being a missionary. Days are really busy but they are great. The other day people by the Temple saw me and my companions. They were so excited. It rememinded me of myself and I loved it. I am amazed at how much Spanish I can speak already. The gift of tongues is real especially if you are doing the Lords work.  The other day in a lesson my companion was speaking in Spanish, I had no clue what was going on and then I just felt like I should say something so I did and it was perfect Spanish and excatly what needed to be said. t That has happened several times. In one week, I have gone from knowing nothing to understanding about 60%.  Spanish can make me a little crazy though because I sometimes have to do charades.  One thing I really like is Sunday exchanges.  We get paired up with a Latina for the day and it really helps with the Spanish. We also only speak Spanish unless we have permission to speak English- so I can speak alot more because of this. I am always impressed with what I can say. There are no pictures this week because we can only have our camera on the last p-day. The picture attached is a picture of the Guatemala MTC.  I will send some pictures when I am out in the field. I only have 30 minutes to write so if this does not make sense that is why. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am excited to learn Spanish and do the Lord's work. The Church is true and I see miracles all around me every day. I love you all so much.  Hermana Gurule



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  1. Glad she's getting well fed and has the gift of tongues :)