Thursday, May 9, 2013

Choose Eternal Life

(4/29/13 - 5/5/13)


Hello again!!! There have been many changes in the last week. As you know my trainer left and is in a new area. since my companion is waiting on her visa I thought we would be getting another companion but it is just the two of us. Hna. Rodriguez has about 2 more weeks in the mission than I do so we are both training each other. That is what Hermana Stay said anyway.  I  really like it because we have changed a lot about how we do the work and we have  a lot of ideas.  


Later in the day after changes we were contacting people like crazy and I was actually talking as well. Many times in the street I would just let me companions contact but now I feel more comfortable speaking as well- so I am doing that more.  Our meetings with Contacts are much better and we are testifying about things we knew and did not just invite them to church. We have a goal of how many people we contact a day and we actaully exceeded it in all of the areas. We were happy about this!  We contacted poeple in a pickup and then left. We were walking to go to dinner and she ran to catch up to us and tell us she wanted to go to church and meet with us. That was the first time it had happened to me. She lives in the area of the Elders but I am so happy she wants to learn about the gospel. 


Then as we walked past these security guards we walk past everyday, one stopped me and told me he had a favor. He wanted a hymn book. I asked him why and he told me that when he was a kid he was a member but when he was about 9 his family stopped going to church. He wants us to come and teach his family.  Wow that was really a crazy day and a great start to the companionship with just Hna. Rodriguez and I.


Wednesday we had a zone meeting and went to the stake center in the morning.  Once there we set goals on what we could improve. The Zone leader wrote ATAQUE on the board. It is some work to improve or something but my companion and I made up something we could do for each letter. Animadas, Trabajar duro, Audaces, Querer a  nuestros investigadores, Unidos and Estudio.  I am so excited for us to actually do these things. Sorry if you don´t understand Spanish. Please look this up -most Smart phones will have a Spanish - English Translation or you can google the words- this is my teaching for all of
you this week.  Everything is in Spanish here.


Beautiful Sky here this week.
This week I also had some really great personal studies. The name of this email is Choose Eternal Life and that is something I studied this week. I was reading in 2 Nephi 2:28  towards the end it says to choose eternal life. It is a choice like everything else. We have our agency to live in such a way and be obedient to the commandments that we can choose not to have eternal life. It is not a question if we will recieve it or not because we choose it. Because of this to all of the members and less actives in the area we taught about enduring to the end and choosing eternal life. I just love it.


By the way if you are wondering, my shower is fixed and the water is nice and warm. haha


This week we also had a miracle of an investigator who attended church. She has so much faith and is an example to me. We have talked to her a few times before but she is always going to the capital because her mom is in the hospital there. She saw us in the street one day this week though and told us she wanted to come to chruch. We said okay and that we would come to get her on Sunday morning. When we arrived on Sunday she was leaving her house, not becuase she didn´t want to go but she needed to get money for the bus. To church and back is 3Q about 43cents. The people here are really poor. She got the money and then left with us. As we were trying to catch a bus there were none and those that passed by were so full that not one other person could fit. No Tuk Tuks passed by either and those that did were totally full. I prayed that we could somehow get there before the sacrament hymn. I knew we would be late but I wanted her to be there for all of sacrament. After I prayed she said, well lets walk. She has so much faith, I feel like other people would just be like, oh well. We walked maybe two steps when a Tuk Tuk came around the corner. I think we just needed to excercise our faith in going to church. We got in and knowing she only had 3Q we paid for her because a Tuk Tuk is 3Q one way. We arrived just before the sacrament hymn. =) In church she was so focused and in Sunday school when people were rambling on she looked down and read the scriptures in her lap. She has been prepared and has a lot of faith. We just need to find a way to teach her. The problem is not just that she goes to the capital everyday but that she walks there which takes forever because she doesn´t have money for the bus. Somehow I know we will find a way to teach her though. 


Another great thing about Sunday is that I was able to bear my testimony in church. I love bearing my testimony and I always feel so good doing it. Yes I do it everyday in lessons and things but I don't know, in church it is so very different. It feels me with Joy.


Well those are the main things that happened last week. This week is going to be crazy but  great, I can´t wait. I love this work and I am also excited to talk to my family on Sunday on Mother's Day. Thank you all for your love and support. Have a great week!!!

Hermana Gurule

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