Thursday, May 23, 2013

Say What?

Wow, I feel like this week was so much better than the last one. We worked really hard everyday and we  have a lot of new investigators which makes me really happy. Why does it make me happy to have new investigators? Because I love sharing my testimony about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth today and when people gain this knowledge their lives are so much better. I know, I have experienced the change. =)


After P-Day was over on Monday we had a NDH with an elderly couple. We taught about eternal families because they are not sesaled in the Temple. As we started teaching, they told us they had talked to the Bishop and have a date to be sealed in June. I am so happy for them. The wife is a convert and has been a member for almost 4 years. They are always together and a huge example to other couples in the ward. It just makes me so happy to see people progress in this life and prepare themselves to make more covenants with our Heavenly Father.


Tuesday, we had a lesson with our investigator that wants to get baptized but can`t because of her husband. She told us that her nephew is interested in the chruch and told us where he worked. We went there and started talking to him. He mentioned that he wanted to learn more and one day serve a mission. He is 15 years old and works everyday but Saturday and Sunday so he can pay for his education. He really does have the desire to learn but he is afraid to tell his parents about him investigating the church. I can relate to that.


We also met with our family that said they didn`t want to learn more. They really are a great family and I know that they are prepared for the gospel. Right now we go and visit them because we want to find out thier needs so we can help them. We asked if we could come back and they said that so we don`t come too often we can come once a week. I am okay with that. :)


That night we had a NDH with the branch President and his family. Where they live reminds me a bit of Worthen Circle because their family lives next to each other and all of their houses are kind of connected by a center area. President Iquiq talked about how impressed he is with my Spanish. It is weird because everyone has been commenting on my language.  /when I am in church and respond to a question, I have heard people comment that my language has improved. I think people are just used to my first week here when I really didn`t talk but now I feel more comfortable speaking Spanish and I really have learned a ton.


Wednesday we had a huge surprise. We went to visit our only progressing investigator at the time. On the way there we contacted this lady and her daughter. She was there visiting her mom. She said she was a member though and her mother as well. When she told us the name of her mom we did not recoginze it and thought that another less active member lived in Cruz Blanca. She told us where she lived and it was the same house as our investigator. When we had the lesson with her, we told her about running into her daughter and that she said she was a member. She confirmed that she was. ¿What? We were so confused but checked the church records and it is true. I am really happy that she is starting to come back to chruch though, It will bless her a lot in her life.


That night we went outside and a lot of  little kids were there. We asked them if they wanted to sing. We taught them primary songs and even a few in english. Then we played some games. Their favorites were Ring aroung the Rosie and also ^Perro Perro Coyote^( Duck duck goose but with different animals in Spanish) It really was a ton of fun. When they had to leave we gave each of them a Bon Bon (lolliepop). They kept asking when we could come back again, so one day we will have to. Most of the kids were children of some of our investigators  which is helping them to gain testimonies as well.


There is so much that happened this week. I am not sure I can write it all, but one of my favorite experiences was with this man in San Raymundo. He has a Ceveche resturant. The last time we talked to him we promised to bring a Book of Mormon to him. On Friday we did and he was so happy to have it. I shared my experience with the Book of Mormon with him reading my favoirte scripture in 2 Nephi 31:20. He kept his finger in the book after so that he could read  it later. It was so great and he told us that he has a smaller book than this that he hasn`t read but he really is going to read this book. 


Being a missionary really is a great opportunity. I love going to peoples homes and inviting them to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. I invite all who read this to do the same as well. Talk to people you know who are members, talk to the missionaries, go to chruch. You will find greater joy in this life than you can imagine. Have a great week!!!! Thank you for all of your love and support. 


Hna. Cailey Gurule 

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