Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When it Rains it Pours!!!!

Wow, I would just like to say that I love this time of year in Guatemala. If you are wondering why, read the title. It is the rainy season and according to the people in my area it will rain everyday until August. The thing about the rain here is that is comes out of no where and starts by a loud boom of thunder and then a downpour. I honestly love it. Especially all of the thunder and lightning. Sometimes it doesn`t rain super hard but that is only if it is raining all day.


Last P-Day, we went to Walmart for my companion to buy a camera. She broke hers in the CCM. Walmart was in the mall and it was super nice. I felt like I was in the States again but once we left I knew I was not. It is weird how different a place can be here. It is nice to feel at home every once and a while though. 


To end the P-day, we had a lesson with a new family we found on Sunday. They are super great and hopefully they will continue to progress and gain testimonies of this gospel. All eight of them are planning to get baptized sometime in June.  


Tuesday, we had a zone meeting, which was the last one with Elder Robison my zone leader. He and several others are leaving in two weeks to go home. It is crazy how fast time flies on the mission and I hope to use every minute of it.  


The last few weeks there have not been very many people progressing in my area, but this week we have found several new investigators that are truly willing to take the challenge of reading the Book of Mormon, and praying to know if it is true. What other Church asks people to pray to God to know whether or not it is the Lord`s true church on the earth. The answer is NONE. To me that is just another testimony builder that this church is true.  Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to know what to do in this life so we can go back and live in His presence for eternity with our families.  


We decided to knock doors this week which I actually really like, because more of the family is usually home and you know where they live. As we did, for the first time a lady answered the door said she was Catholic and slammed it. My companion felt really bad after that and I told her it was a good thing she didn`t get called to the states.  


In Cruz Blanca there are a lot of members. What is really sad is that most of them are less active. When we go there we always find out that another person is a member of the church.  That is an area that we really want to strengthen. There is at least about one member in each house but I can only imagine what the area would be like if they were all active. I can see them now all going to church together.  One new thing we have decided to do with the less actives is try to get them excited about missionary work so they feel like they have a purpose in the church. Only the family of the branch President have callings. As we have taught a few lessons focusing on their responsibility they have seemed a lot more animated and even given us references. Having a responisblity really does help people. 


Towards the end of the week we had interviews with President and Sister Stay. For the interview we had to memorize our purpose and D&C4 in Spanish. For some reason it was hard for me but I finally memorized it all the morning of the interview. I guess I do better under pressure.  


As we returned to our area, we had an appointment with our 15 year old investigator.  As we were teaching him these two guys walked up to buy paper. After they did they started talking to us. We told them we were missionaries and invited them to chruch. We decided that we would go to their church and then they could go to ours. Then they said after we could have a `Cita`. I was thinking it would be great to have a lesson so I said yes. Then I remembered that cita is also date. Nope don`t want to do that. I have been asked to marry people a lot on my misison but this was the fist time I have been asked on a date. When we explained we could not date on our missions they said that was fine and would wait 1.5 years.  People are so funny.


Making Tamalitos before a Service Project


I mentioned in the beginning that there has been lot of rain . One night we were walking home and it started pouring. The street was like a river and came to my midcalf. We were just laughing and walked home. I am excited for more rain this week and to help others come to know about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your love and support and I will write you next week.

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