Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mixco Viejo

(5/6/13 - 5/13/13)


Hello agian!!! It is Monday and that means that once again it is P-Day. This last week has been pretty interesting. I feel like it has been a lot differnent than a lot of the weeks in my mission. I am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. We worked like usual but there was also a lot of time spent on other things. 


Last Monday with my zone we all played soccer. Soccer is not my best sport but I did get a lot better the more we played. I liked playing and running around with my zone. They are really great. Later in the day on Monday we visited with a family in the ward for FHE. They are really great and we taught about the family and especially about how important Mothers are. Everyone there shared their testimony about their mom. We talked about moms a lot this week since it was the week of Mother`s Day.


Tuesday I had my very first divisions with another missionary. She is in the new sister missionary leadership position. It was strange to be away from my companion for so long but I feel like I did learn a lot from her. She teaches everything so simply and asks a lot of questions. Maybe I just liked it so much because she teaches more how I like to.  She is a convert to the church as well and at first only her sibblings joined. Then after 10 years her dad joined the church as well because he said that they were such an good example to him. I think that is so cool.


Wednesday we switched back to having our regular companions and I started feeling really sick. I am not sure why because I ate yogurt in the morning and a banana but that day I was sick. We decided it would be best if we just stayed home. I was very greatful for this becuase I do not think I could have gone anywhere. lol  


Thursday I still felt a little bad but I felt good enough that I could work and that is what was important to me. We taught member families that day and then did service for one of our investigators. He is always working but he said that some day soon he wants to have us over for dinner so that we can teach his family. That is really great. He believes a lot of what we do and really wants to know more.


Friday was Mother's day here in Guatemala. Because of that my companion used this day to call her family. I am not sure what the problem was but she could not get a hold of them and so we decided to call later in the day. When we did they still had problems but at least she did get to talk. That took about 5 hours of the day to figure out though and that made me a little sad because I like to be working. 


Saturday, we left early to make tamales with a member for service. All of the tamales in differnent countries are different. As we were making them though her grandchildren ran inside and told us there was a monkey in the tree. We went to see and realized that it was not a monkey but a little boy. It was really funny.  After we practiced with the Elders in San Juan because we had a show for Mothers at the church that day and the missionaries had to do an act as well. We got to the church at 1:50 because it started at 2. Let's just say that people here are not on time and the show started at 3:30. People were there and I played some tennis with a member who wanted to practice. As we were playing it started raining. I just really love the rain!!! By the time the activity was over, it was time for dinner and then we needed to complete our studies for the day.


Sunday we had Church. It was really great. I was all ready to talk to my family, when a member told me she was actually going to visit her family and I would not be able to use her computer. I scrambled asking poeple if I could use theirs but eventually it all worked out and I was able to talk to them. It was nice to see them and talk to them for a little bit. I love that we have families here on the earth and that we can be with them for eternity. They help us so much and there is a special type of love in the family that does not exist anywhere else. 


Today is Monday, and with my zone I went to Mixco Viejo which is a place with Ruins.  Usually we write email first but it was a little far so we went there fist and then came back to email. It was a lot of fun but it was also really hot. I am so glad I live in an area that is cool. It can be hot every now and then, but it always cools off in the night. 


I am excited for the week ahead and the opportunity to work really hard and teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is his work. Thank you everyone for you love and support. I will write again next week. ¡Adios!

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