Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Work, Work, Work

Wow, this week has been really interesting. It has been filled with many different feelings and experiences.  Fist of all, it was full of different conferences and meetings.  Aside from all that time however, we worked really hard and had a lot of different lessons. I love teaching and helping people. 

On Monday, I was on a bus and this guy sitting across the asile and I started talking. It was good to contact in the morning. He told me that I have really beautiful Spanish which was a compliment because I try really hard to be able to learn the language.  Our p-days were changed again to start at 11. We cannot do sports anymore or activities with the zone but I am sure we will be able to accomplish more. 

Fotos de la Conferencia de Zona

Tuesday was another new missionary reunion but for my companion this time. It was good to learn what things I could be doing better as a trainer. I even applied them in this week and things have been going well. My companion and I are teaching more in unity and have a stronger relationship. We also had another meeting with the president of the branch and he is really trying to work with us and know who our investigators are. It is still a big process to get the ward and others involved but it is moving forward. 

Wednesday, we had zone meeting. One of the ativities I liked most was when we told our companions 10 things we liked about them and one thing they could do better. My companion started talking and then started to cry as she told me the things. I learned a lot about myself and the strong qualities I have. Then we heard why everyone was there serving missions; it was very emotional. I love hearing others' testimonies though. Most of my zone are converts and the only member or active member in our families.

After the meeting, we went to work. We were given a list of less actives from President Iquic to contact. As we did, we saw a lady cutting a plant and asked if she needed help. She said for us to be careful because the plant was prickly. We just went to work and it was my first time using a machette. Once I cut the first branch, however, it fell and touched my arm. Then it started to burn like crazy. This plant is probably my least favorite in the world. My comp and I worked until all the work was done but we were in pain aned had hives or something all over us.  At least now I know how to work with Chi chi caste.

Thurday we did more work and went to San Raymundo to meet with our progressing investigator. He is doing well. We taught about the Word of Wisdom and he does not have a problem with any of it. It makes me happy as well to see how much he trusts us.

Later in the day we were walking down a dirt hill and my companion fell, not once, but twice. The second time the elders even happened to be passing by so it was really funny.

Friday we went to Cruz Blanca to visit less actives. That is only the second time we have gone this transfer. Once again we met another member and she let us go in and teach her family. It was probably the dirtiest house I have been in. It was sad. I am glad that through the gospel these people can be so blessed.  

Saturday we did service for Hermana Laura. She is meeting with us agian and has a goal to be baptized. Her husband says she can do whatever she wants. It is exciting. She has a lot of problems in her life but that is why we have the atonement and it can help her so much.

This week I was really good as well with working harder when appointments fell thorough. It is so good to wotk and be the hands of the Lord. 
Sunday was really great. Julio finally came to church for the first time and loved it. He made a lot of friends with other people his age in the young adult class. Also the person we have been trying to go to lessons with came back from working in Shela.  They are going to be great friends. Then to end the night, we watched The Restoration with Nestor in the church. I still have not found his need, but I will not give up. I love this work.  Have a great week!

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