Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Medio-Dia: The Fair in San Juan

Sometimes I wonder where I am here in San Juan. They always have something going on. I think one of the biggest Celebrations of the year is the fair that they have here. Last Monday was the Medio Dia- it lasts for a month. Before we went back to San Juan last P-day however, we went to a mega paca. It is a store where everything is dontaions mostly coming from the church . They have a lot of items from BYU. That is surprising to see but also cool. My companion needed to get a blanket and at the Mega Paca they sell things very reasonably. 


After the Mega Paca we played sports with the elders in my zone. I actually played Ping Pong.  It was the first time I had played in a while but it was really great. I did pretty good and was able to win many games with a lot of the elders, but I still need to improve a lot. After Ping Pong we went back to San Juan to check out the fair a bit. We first went to our house to put our things away and there was a Concert right outside. This guy who was singing started trying to talk to me in English. I just went inside. As we came out he did the same thing so I decided to talk to him. It was for all the people to hear. I went and grabbed the microphone which I do not think he was expecting and introduced our selves and explained why we were there. I then taught a little and gave my testimony. I think all of San Juan was there haha. I love being a missionary. 


Tuesday morning we started the day by doing service. We cleaned a members white plasic house. It took about 3 hours and we only cleaned one room. We will make a time every couple of weeks to finish the project. After the service project, we had a lesson with the 15 year old son . He told us that he couldn`t feel the spirit or recieve an answer to his prayeers because he was Catholic. That made  me a little sad to know he did not feel a connection, but later in the week I gave him a list of scriptures to read about the spirit. He wasn`t keeping his commitments recently so I was suprised when the next day we passed by and he told us he read them all.


Lately we have been meeting with an investigator who I think is golden. It is difficult because with the rainy season he has to work every Sunday but he understands everything so well and knows that it is true. I am pretty sure that next week he will be able to come to church  even though he lives an hour away.  I have a plan to go to San Raymundo and go to church with him. 


Thursday, we had a Zone Conference with 3 other zones. I always love the conferences because  we learn so much and the work in the area seems to improve after every one.  President Stay talked a  lot about if we want to be a missionary from Zarahemla( less active, need to repent) or from Gideon( learn doctrine, progressing).  I know that I want to always be progressing and doing my best so that I can recieve revelation and help as many people as I can. In the Zone Conferences we also have food from the CCM. This time it was Lasagna. I forgot how good Lasagna was. 


That night contacting we found a lot of interested families and one of them had a daughter named Kaily. That was the first time I heard my name in a while. It  was cool. As we were contacting though, I was able to see that the people did not want to listen and saying they were another religion. I was able to teach a little in the contact and watched the change in their faces. They were hearing something that made sense to them.  I love that so much. This is the TRUTH!!!!!

Gift from a Member


Friday we had more lessons in San Raymundo, and while we were there one of the members asked if we could take a puppy to another member. We said we could. It was my favorite puppy that she has, Princesa. It was great to do the service for her and see the joy of the sister that recieved the dog. She is a single sister that lives alone. 
Gift to a Member


Sunday was probably the unluckiest day of my life. The good thing though is that we had 3 investigators in the church. It started with us leaving the house at 7 and going to our investigators to bring them to church. They only live about 5 minutes from the church by bus but they always need time to get ready. We waited for an hour and were late, missing Sacrament. It was a great day at Chruch.  Then while walking home from church I stepped in a puddle. When we got home, I realized I lost the keys to our house and we couldn`t get in. Thinking they were at the house of our investigator we went there. The bus decided to go a different way and brought us to a place 30 minutes away. Then coming back the bus cost more for some reason. The keys were not in their house and the key person could only come on Monday. There were other unlucky things that happened as well but I save those for later. The elders told us it is better if we stay in our house. I think I was laughing a lot as of course we would not stay there. The good news is we now know our neighbors as we were able to use their house to enter ours. I think they will start taking the lessons. How great is that!


Well that is basically my week. Being a misisonary is really great but sometimes very different.  Things happen daily that would not happen if I were not a missionary.  People either love to talk to or try to avoid you and then can't wait to hear more.  Have a great week and thank you for your love and support.

Hna. Gurule

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