Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Speak English?

Hello!!! Right now I am in the stake center  in Guatemala writing this email to you. There is a lot going on here in San Juan. First of all, I would like to say that I do not have changes so I will at least be here for another 6 weeks. We may however get another companionship of Hermanas in our district.

This week has been good. Last Monday we went to the office really early because my companion needed to go to immigration. When she was there I went with some other missionaries to a mall. Then we went back to the stake center to email but found out we had to go to our area to do it. My companion was really sick that day and for the whole week. I would get off the bus and start walking and realize she wasnt with me. I would go looking for her and I found her leaned over it was sad.

Tuesday we went and taught Julio in San Juan. His baptism is this Saturday if everything goes well. He is my very first convert in the mission. It is fun to see the changes he is making in his life. To end the day Tuesday, we were in the church but realized we couldn't leave because we couldn't lock it. We called everyone and no one answered. Finally we got ahold of some keys but my companion and I along with the elders had to cancel a few lessons.

Wednesday to Friday we were in the house all day because my companion couldn't leave. We did go to the doctor, but she needs to see a different one. At least now she is feeling a little better. It was good to accomplish some things in the house but I was going a little stir crazy and I like to work. Something weird as well is that my temperature was 96 degrees but I felt totally normal.

The day that we went to the office I met a man who was there. He only had one eye.  I was very glad we were able to talk to him. He has such a strong testimony and bore testimony that if we are exactly obedient, we will see blessings all around us. He also told me of a vision President Kimball had of Guatemala. He saw 3 temples here in this small country. What is great is that I can help to make that a reality.

Saturday I had a really funny experience. We saw some high shcoolers visiting from the USA. I was talking to them in Spanish with my companion and they were struggling a bit. Finally my companion said I could talk to them in English. They looked at me amazed and said,"You can speak English?!?" I said yes and told them I am from Vegas. They didn't think I was American I guess.

Yesterday I was happy because Julio came to church again and he didn't even need us there. He went to his classes, talked to people and seemed to really fit in and be comfortable. How great!!! To end the evening there was a choir concert in the stake center and we went with Nestor and Laura. They seemed to like it.

It was different this week because we were in the house all week but it was still great. Have a great week everyone. Thank you for your love and support!

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