Monday, July 29, 2013

Making Covenants

Wow, I am so excited that it is Monday and I finally have the opportunity to write!  A lot has happened this week. It began by me finishing my first diary. I have others but I never finished them.  I am trying to keep a good record of my mission. 

Last Monday, we ended our P-day early by going to the house of an investigator we contacted. It turns out that she just wanted us to live in her house with her.  While we were there, though, she introduced us to some of her family who lives close by and they seem really promising. They look like a family in the Church.

Tuesday was normally the day for changes in the Mission, but we did not have any so we didn't go. It was different not to be there for changes and it was the frist time I have not been in all of my mission.  Since we did not go, it gave us more time to focus on the work. We had missed work the week before since Hna. Duarte was sick most of the time. One great thing is that I got to bear my testimony to Julio about the atonement. I love testifying of the truth. He had a kind of rough past but now he is clean and can start again new. It is amazing how powerful it is and also every week we have have the same thing by partaking of the sacrament. 

Wednesday we had a lesson with Hna. Laura. She wants to be baptized, but planning the lessons are always a little difficult. While we were with her, she shared with us that when she didn't have lessons with us she was thinking of going to another church. The day she was going to go, we called and she went with us instead. She testifies to people that she knows the Church is true. That is a good thing to strengthen a testimony. She also talked about the influence we are making in the life of her family. It is amazing what the gospel can do. 

After the meeting with her, we went to visit Nestor. We have a plan to meet with him everyday and read from the Book of Mormon. This is so important and powerful in gaining a testimony and knowing the truth. We also had a zone meeting and met the new missionaries. There is actually only one and he is from Utah. It seems like he is adjusting well, though. 

Thursday, Julio had his baptismal interview. He was well prepared and was excited to know that he could be baptized on Saturday.  After the interview, we went to the capital for a doctors appointment for my companion. We were there early so we were able to go to the distribution center which is right next to the temple. I was so excited to be so close. You could feel the Spirit radiating from the building. I hope we can go to the temple soon to do ordinances. 

While in the office, I noticed that the doctor had a great view of the temple. At one point, I had to go to the other room and when I was there I was looking out the window at the temple. I saw the reflection of my nametag with the temple and it was really cool. Too bad I didn't have my camera! Before we left, Hna. Jensen, the nurse, bought us sandwiches for dinner and then in the car Hno. Jensen had pizza for us. It was a great dinner for missionaries!  We went to the toughest part of the mission that night and tried to find a bus. They were all overflowing with people. Then when we went to call a cab, one came that was not as full so we were able to get home at 9. Perfect timing.

Friday, the day began with a service project: cleaning a mountain side and chopping down trees, grass, and plants. It was a lot of fun.  I love to serve and work hard. It makes me feel so good!  Later that day we had a meeting with President Iquic.  He has been the President of the branch for 9 years and sadly he was released on Sunday. Change is good though and can always help us.  

Saturday was a very exciting day... Julio was baptized!  There were many different activities in the church at the same time as the baptism, so the church was full of people who were able to come.  Our other investigators Nestor and Laura were there as well.  It was a great day and a great end to the week. On Sunday, we had the branch conference.

After the branch conference, my companion was sick again so we spent the day in the house.   I was able to utilize the time studying which was needed. I love learning more and gaining knowledge about the gospel. I am excited to see what happens this week! Thanks for your love and support!

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