Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Honoring Covenants

I feel like this week there have been a lot of changes but they are good changes. For example last week we emailed from the Stake Center and then celebrated the birthdays from all of the people who would celebrate in November. It was a busy day but besides that nothing new happened.


Tuesday we had divisions with the zone leaders. It was so great to be with them and they came to our area to work with  both of us. We contacted a lot and  had many great lessons. I really look up to them and they help me a lot in all that I need to do. At one point in the day we were all together and this kid was beating up this other kid and then left him in the street. The kid who was beaten was about 5 or 4. I just left where I was to go and help him while everyone else was in the middle of a contact. I told him that he was loved and bore testimony of the Savior and that he is never alone. It was a tender moment. It was sad to see this happen especially since the kid was his brother.


Wednesday we had divisions with the Elders in Quetzal. It was different than the day before, because the elders were just kind of there, they watched us ,but it was still good and we have a new family that we are teaching. 


Thursday was Halloween but not here. lol It was a good day although sad.  A lady in our area passed away and everyone was at her funeral -  a lot of the lessons fell through.  It was a great opportunity though to find service  and we were able to help out in a bread store. That was fun for me because I am really good with bread here. 


Friday was the  Day of the Dead so everyone was at the cemetary visiting those in the family that passed away. We knew it would be a little hard to find people at home so we planned some service activities. I was able to help make tortillas again. At first they weren't that great but then I got my groove back. It was a great thing because everyone walked by to get their tortillas and saw us helping. We talked to a lot of them and they are more comfortable with us now.


That day we also ate fiambre which is a food they only eat on this day. It is a salad thing but really good. I was a little nervous to eat it. Also we went to help the new Relief Society President to show her where different people live and do visits with her. It felt good to work with all of the leaders this week and help them in the plans they have. 


In the afternoon, we visited the Acosta family. They are really working hard to progress and get the papers so they can get married and baptized.  I was really suprised to see how they have come along. Truly, the gospel can change lives.

Fiambre and Pumpkin Dessert in celebration of Day of the Dead

Saturday we had a race against the Johovah´s Witnesses. We were going to talk to the Bishop and when we got to the street we saw all of the Jehovah´s Witnesses there. They started going two to a house and Bishops was the last one. I told my comp we needed to walk fast so we could get there. We did and made it 3 seconds before them. It was cool.  The Bishop almost didn´t answer because he saw them coming but then he realized it was us. I like talking to them though. They are trying to do what is right but we can help them as well to know more and strengthen the faith they have. When they knock on our door I answer it because I don´t want to do what others do to us. lol


Sunday was probably one of my favorite days of the whole week. I felt so accomplished and good. It started with a whole bunch of contacts in the morning on the way to church. Then in church we were able to hear all of the testimonies. Then in our Sunday School class I went to pay my fast offering and the recent convert sitting next to me wanted to do it as well but didn´t know how. Needless to say the theme of the class changed and now they know how to pay tithing and fast offerings. Then on Relief Society it was my favorite. We were given partners for the day. Just the

Working Hard - I had to put my whole body into the project- getting stronger.
n a little kid fell and everyone was concerned. There was an old lady sitting next to me and she started to cry. She wasn´t my partner but I put my arm around her. We started to talk and eventually she put her arm around me. I thought, I am honoring my covenants just like the relief society talk said. It was so great and she later told me what a great missionary I was. A lot more happened that day and I just feel like I am doing what I am here to do. Maybe there aren´t tons of people progressing right now but we are helping a lot of people and doing what we are called to do. Thanks for your love.

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