Monday, November 11, 2013

Having Fun

Hello!!!!! This week was a lot of fun.  Really the longer I am on my mission the more I feel that I am used to where I am and that I am home.  It obviously isn´t the same as being with all of those that I love but I don´t feel like a stranger or outsider here.  Last Monday we didn't have our p-day because we changed it to Tuesday so we went right to work. Really, I liked it a lot more because usually people want us to come over on Monday and we can´t. The day was full of contacting, teaching and helping people. It is a great way to start off the week right -working really hard to reach the goals we set for the week.
Monkeys at the Zoo


In the evening as well I was really surprised because a recent convert invited us over for a FHE and we thought it was just going to be with her. Then when we got there we saw that she invited another recent convert with her family, her daughters family who aren´t members and some other non member friends. We changed the lesson and it was amazing. One of the friends was a Jehovah´s witness as well and she really likes me. It was truly an amazing day and made me so excited for the week. The one sad part of the day was when I went to visit with one of our investigator families. They didn´t feel like learning more and I was so sad. I went home and cried and prayed. It is so hard to love someone and see them make a decision and not move forward. However, since then - something happened and now they are progressing again. =) Prayers really do get answered.

Tuesday we had our preparation day and we went to the zoo. I really loved it - it was a lot of fun. The way the animals are there is differnent than in the states but is was really fun. I like to do different things. On the way there the bus was really full like usual so I went to the back, found a bucket and sat on it. They were driving really crazy though - I almost fell many times, but it was really fun. 

Wednesday we went back to working really hard.  A goal that I had this week was to find out the goals that people have and see what I could do to help them accomplish them.  I really love it because once I find out the needs of people, I can  teach them on their needs and more.  Also, when I ask them what their needs are, they talk more than I do which is always good as well.  At one point we went to the house of a new convert. It was so cool to listen to her story and hear of her experiences.  Later that day we had a zone meeting.  Each companionship had to prepare a workshop and it was really a lot of fun. My zone really is amazing and we are working so hard.

Mayan Statues
Friday, we went into divisions with the sister training leaders. I was with Hermana Espinosa and we had a really great day. I really learned a lot by the way she contacts. She asks people if they have had the chance to be blessed with our message in their homes. It is great because we then can help them to see what a great blessing this will be to them. I also learned that in the next change I will be one of the 5 oldest Sister missionaries in the mission. That is crazy to me but it is true- most of the sisters are new. 

Saturday we ended the divisions and had an amazing English class. Every week I feel like I am better at teaching English and finding their needs as well. Our class continues to grow and there are only non members there.  It really is a great contacting activity.  Also, that day some old investigators came back and we are teaching them again. It is exciting to be there and help them.  
Sunday we contacted in the morning again and I feel like that brings a lot of blessings. The gospel principles class we had was great and we planned for members to be with all of our investigators. It was a great day. The one thing was that we started really late becasue we didn´t have a white table cloth. We were going to use white trash bags and when that was ready they finally found the cloth. It was a little crazy . I am excited for this week as well. There is so much to do and so many to help. I love this work. I love serving the Lord. Have a great week and thank you for the support. 

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