Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This week has really been an adventure. I feel like I have good health right now but there are a lot of different things that passed that I have never experienced before. In the mission it is a mini life so we are bound to experience a little of everything.

Last Monday we went to the Central Market in zone 1. There are a lot of really cool typical things there from here. We went with the Bishop's wife and she helped us to haggle the prices. I am also good at haggling as well I discovered. I love being here - there really is so much culture.

For My Mommy
Zoo Fun
Tuesday we started out with a lot of service. We worked a lot with corn and land taking it of the stalk, pulling it out of the ground, drying the corn and then talking the kernels off of the husk. Everything was good until the black corn and then that was really hard so I ended up getting a huge blister on my thumb. Later in the day we visited with more members who asked us to visit them. We met with Grandma Cano who had a hard time in chruch a few weeks ago and it was really amazing to hear her story and learn more about her. Sometimes doing the smallest thing like listening is one of the biggest services we can do.

Wednesday there was a relief society activity which they have every week buy this week the relief society President asked us to come because there are always non members there and she wanted us to get to know them. They really are excited to know us and I am not sure if they want to learn about the gospel but little by little they will learn and progress. They do want to go and walk around the temple. The sisters are planning a visit for them so that will be a great experience.

Part of My District
Thursday we did a lot more service. A lot of our lessons fell this week so we like to go and help members when this happens and see if they have anyone for us to teach as well. We mainly serve them though our love. That is how it should be. We also made the folders for the primary program they had on Sunday. Something a little strange is that every week we find a less active who isn´t registered in the ward. This week we found 3 which was crazy. It is good to find out this information though.

My Service Clothes and My New Hat
Friday for the first time in my life I had an allegic reaction. It was really weird and I have no clue what I ate to have that happen. We also went to visit with a girl home from her mission in Arizona. She wanted to talk to us and I was worried about her. Then we found out she only wanted to give us shoes.

Saturday the other Hermanas in our district had a wedding. They said they won´t plan another one for the rest of their lives (missions). We helped them out a bit and it really was crazy. It is cool to see what the members can help us pull together though. To end the night we had a NDG with a new investigator. I am not sure where he came from but he is reallly progressing. I am going to help him and his wife who is a member form an eternal family. That is why I help the people here, so that they can have the gospel and recieve all the blessings Heavenly Father has prepared for them and us.

I am grateful for all of your support and I will write next week. Have a great week.  

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