Monday, November 25, 2013


The District Quetzal (lots of Girls)
Right now I feel like everything is a little crazy because there is a lot to do today.  Sorry if this email seems a little rushed as well. Really I have loved working this week and being in this area. We are working so much directly with the leaders right now and several plans we developed we are just starting to put into action. 


Last P-day I went to send letters and I found a lot of missionaries there that knew me but I didn´t know them. It turns out they were the new missionaries in San Juan.  I was able to find out about my recent converts which was nice.  I really love them and it is cool to hear about their progress.  


Tuesday, we helped some people with service and now they are new investtigators. I love how the Lord places people in our path. I also love doing service!!!  At one point in the day I helped a girl with her graduation speech that had to be in English.  She asked if in the States I was a professional teacher. I feel like I am not that good of a teacher but it is nice to hear comments and also always look for ways to improve.  


Wednesday, we started the day off with more service painting a house. It was a lot of fun and then we even made some Mexican Food, I missed that.  For some reason kids just all cling to me and they know that I love them so much. There were several missionaries there but they just came to me. We played and had a great time. At one point we sang ring around a rosie and they wanted to know what it was in Spanish so I made up some words: corre en un circulo, bulsas llenas de flores, coco loco todos caimos.  


Thurday we went to work with the Socidad Soccoro to do service. I feel like in the last week or two all of the leaders have realized how much we can do for them and really love having us here. 


There were a lot of tough times in this week as well though, with fechas falling and seeing some families fall apart. We are working on helping them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is amazing how many experiences I have had in my life that can help me relate to many people. I can relate to  how they feel and I have examples how the gospel helped me and things that we can do for them.  


That night in a lesson an investigator could play the guitar, so we started singing and it was really cool. I like singing with other people with music. It sounded so good and felt amazing. Music really brings the spirit so easily and can help us so much in life. 


Saturday, I had a lot of hope to get some new investigators. We tried to find a girl to go with us to one of the lessons but with no luck, We went to a house to see if his wife was there. She wasn´t so we couldn´t go in but we taught at his door and it was amazing. One of the best lessons I have had and it was really different. I am sad I won´t be able to see him progress. I felt really good after that and sang,"The Sun´ll Come Out Tomorrow". haha


Sunday is when I noticed most how the Lord prepares the way for his children. We had a regional stake conference with all of Guatemala where President Eyring, Elder Scott, Hna. Wixom and other general authorirties spoke. It was really good. I want to look up Elder Scott´s talk and read it. He speaks Spanish really well.

In the confernce a less active came to church. I guess missionaries have tried to get him to go to church for a long time and with us he went. It wasn´t us though, the Lord was preparing the way. Then we went to find a youth that didn´t go to church for the last few weeks. At the house we did some service but after we found out that the member who was with us was chased away just a few days before. Now he has plans to go back and help them more. The Lord was preparing them and allowed us to come at just the right moment to help them. Especailly because it wasn´t in our plans beforer but we felt we should go.  

We also started to work with the youth and RM´s in the ward.  We help them learn and strenghten the word. We are orgainizing the companionships now.   I am excited to come back and see the success it will bring as that night we found out we would be leaving and moving to a new area. It is bittersweet because we are really starting to take off here and work with everyone but it is good because I know the Lord needs me somewhere else. We will see what happens. Thanks for your support and love. 
While we were doing Service

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