Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

The Family Aquilar
It is so suprising to me that this week we will enter into 2014. I am so excited for this year and all that it will bring. I fell like 2013 was the fastest year of my life. Truly it has almost been a year since I started my mission and that is almost impossible to believe. I feel like I have grown so much in my time here and I have learned so many different things that I know will be a blessing to me throughout my whole life. I also would just like to say that I have one of the best families in the world and I am so grateful for all of the love and support they give to me. Families are truly a blessing from God. 
Photo: My Kids - Christmas 2013
Talking with my Family - Love to all!

This week was a little crazy and also a little long but it was so great. On Monday some members bought us some snacks to have a little missionary Christmas Party. I like food so I definately enjoyed it. 

Our Tree 2013

Our Dog Elder - He follows us when we are out working and sits in front of the homes waiting for us.

Tuesday was the big day here in Guatemala.  They celebrate the day before christmas and it is like a big party. I prefer the nice family time that we have in the states but here Christmas is like New Year´s and the Fourth of July. Maybe just New Years in Time Square. In the street all the kids light fire works and throw them with out looking. We had to be careful but it was a great adventure. We actually had the opportunity to stay out until midnight but I wanted my sleep so we came home early. I actually couldn´t sleep until one with all the noise but at midnight it was so cool. Everyone had huge fireworks and I was actually wondering if our house would fall down.  We also ate a lot of tamales and ponche which was good I love ponche which is a hot fruit drink. 


Before those celebrations that night we had an activity at a nursing home. We went there to sing and it was so great. I loved being there and feeling the spirit of Christmas. When we had to go everyone was sad. I promised that we would come back and I hope to plan Branch activities so we can go there and help them out more. 


Wednesday was actually Christmas day. The best part was getting to talk to my family who I love so very much. Really it felt like just another day to me and not Christmas but I am sure to those at home it was a little strange not to have me there. 

In Front of our House

This week my companion and I also took some time to look at the stars. I feel like for the last few weeks I have seen a ton of shooting stars. I have always thought that the sky in the winter was so much prettier and there were so many more stars but here we can look at them comfortably (without being cold) because the weather is so nice.  
Baptism for the Family Interiano :)


To end this great week of family and blessings, the Interiano family was baptized and the dad was even given the Priesthood. They are amazing and after the Baptism he wanted to bear his testimony and invite others to be baptized as well. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ and it changes lives.

Another little thing that happened this week is that these little boys saw us and asked if they could have a librito. I Said sure and they said they wanted one with Jesus Christ on it. I gave them each a pamphlet and they were so happy. Who knows what will come of it. Small things turn into big miracles. Have a great and

Happy New Year and know that you are all loved. Adios.

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