Monday, February 24, 2014

Best Week Ever !!! Post from 2/17/14

Time has come for me make another change and to go on and help people in another area. To be honest I am sad about this because I really do love my companion and my area. We are working really hard and doing things I  never thought were possible in my mission. This week for example was the best week I have had on my mission.  I am working harder than ever before and also I am realizing why I am here. We learned in the conference by Elder Ochao that we are here to Bautizar and Retener. Those who we baptize we don´t convert, the Lord does. He prepares His children and we help them on the path. 

Truly though this week my companion and I were working like crazy. We accomplished alot and saw many miracles. The people here in Monjas say that I am the most active missionary they have met. I think that is a compliment but I really am learning how to work hard and share the love our Heavenly Father has for them with them. I love testifying of that love and I was able to do so often this week because it is Valentine's Day. 

We decided to put the plan our branch President has in practice. We are working with member families to strengthen them.  Each of them have a less active family assigned with them that they help as well.  It was really amazing to see how the Lord is preparing them again to come back. They came to church or different activities with the Church this week and even invited friends. I love serving and helping people our Heavenly Father loves which is everyone.  

This week we also left with many members to teach. We are helping some of the youth to help prepare them for missions as well. As we went to lessons throughout the day it was great because they had a great testimony to share. In one lesson the people got mad and basically kicked us out of the house. As we left she was kind of sad and we told her it was okay because we are not here to force people or to  convince them but to invite them to come unto Christ.  
My Zone

On Valentine's Day it was amazing because Carlos had his baptism. Not only did he get baptized , he got baptized with one of his best friends. His friend was an investigator of the elders and then they went to a party at the stake center.  I am so happy for him and I am also excited because like the Carlos who got baptized in San Juan they are both preparing to go on missions.
I Love my Companion

Carlos was Baptized

Saturday the branch had a trip to the temple. We thought we would not be able to go but it turned out we could have. It was too late when we found out but not going was one of the best things. We found several families prepared for the gospel and we had a the best day of this whole week! 

Finally, on Sunday we went to church and all of our recent converts were there. I am excited for next week to see them pass the sacrament instead of the current Elders. Really Monjas has changed a lot in my time here.  There are  more members, more less actives that are now active and there are priesthood holders. I love to see the difference in a branch from when you get there to when you leave.  I do not know where I will go tomorrow but I know there are people there waiting for me.  Have a great week!
The Manager of the Restaurant we eat at.  She is Amazing.

Sunrise This Morning

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