Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Am a Child of God

Hello!!!! I am so excited to have the opportunity to write you this week. It is actually not P-day but we are still writing today. We have P-Day on Thursday because we are going to the temple and I am oh so very excited. The temple is the best place in the whole world.  Right now I am in Monjas, but earlier we were in Guate to do some residency things for my companion.
Hna. Gordon and I

All of us Sisters

Last week we were working like crazy to do all that we needed to. On Monday we reached our contacting goal that we had and passed it. We are working harder then ever here and it feels so good. I did find out last Monday though that the zone leaders left our letters on a bus. I had some so let me know if recently you sent a letter, like in January and I will see which one I am missing. 

Tuesday I went on divisions which I always love. I was with Hna. Gordon. She is a really great missionary and always has a ton of energy. It is really contagious and so we worked really hard.  It was kind of different though because we were with a member all day and she had a car. It really was a great experience and I feel like I know how to love people even more now.
I am Crazy

Fun in the Car

The next day when I came back I decided to apply the same energy to my area and it made a huge difference. It is starting to get really hot here but that is not affecting me. I am so excited to just be here and serve. We had a ward activity that night and I was helping with things so I didn´t hear what Simon said and I had to do the chicken dance in front of every one. I recruited some other girls and kids in the dance too haha.


I really liked how one of the members in my branch explained prayer to some of our investigators this week. He said it is like a switch that turns on and off as we use certain words that open up the channels of heaven.  I know that prayer is so powerful and if we know how to use it -what a great blessing that is in our lives.  

Saturday this week we had two more baptisms with some little kids. They truly know that they are children of God and love to sing that hymn all the time. They were so excited for their baptism even though Evelyn is really afraid of water. We practiced how it would be and even heated the water a little bit. Daniel was baptized first and it was great. Then Evelyn went and she took the courage to go under water. The only thing is that her foot came up. She didn´t want to try again and was crying. We all tried to be there and help her to feel better. Finally after 30 minutes she did it and even though she was still crying she said she felt really good and warm. I know that was the Holy Ghost. She is such a huge example of facing her fears and doing what is right.  

Carlos and his Siblings
Baptism of Daniel and Evelyn

It was great to see children of God entering in the waters of baptism. I invite all of you to learn more about how you can as well and to continue to really honor your covenants if you have already made them. Have a great week.

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