Monday, February 24, 2014

It's Possible

Hello!!!! I am in my new area now and it is awesome. Really I am not sure why but it seems like every single area I am in just keeps getting better and better.  Throughout the beginning of my mission I had a really hard time but I think that was so that I could learn even more and become the very best missionary I could be.  My mission President said that my area I am in now is really prepared and if I keep working hard like I have been that I can have a rich harvest here. I love how he trusts me to put me in this area where I can help  people.

This week was so amazing.  It was funny because I told my companion we were going to meet our goals for the week. She was surprised everyday with everything. She was like, Hna. Gurule,  I am so grateful to be with you because my whole mission I didn't think this was possible but now I know that it is. I am excited to see how things will go these next few weeks.

Last Monday however, I was still in Monjas and we went to say goodbye to some investigators and recent converts. It was crazy and sad. They all didn't want me to go.  One investigator Edin thanked me for coming and visiting him.  He said that every time I would come he would feel the spirit and he liked that feeling. I told him if he wants to continue to feel it he needs to keep praying, reading and going to church. It is amazing how we really are just there,  but I know that I am not the one doing the work, I am just the tool.  I think that has really helped me the most in my mission. Before I thought I had to do everything but really I just have to be there so they can feel the spirit. That makes what I do a lot less stressful and I am a lot happier.

Tuesday we went to changes and they announced I would open up an area in Friajanes. I am always opening areas but I have a lot of experience now. Haha I didn't know what it was called at first either so my companion and I just said we were going to frijoles. It is a really pretty area and it is cooler. My companion is Hna. Johnson from Utah. She is going to the University of Utah but wants to change to BYU.  She is 20 and likes animals. I think that we can get along great and work in unity. Really to do that all you need to do is love the other person.

This week we spent some time getting to know different members and investigators. They are all amazing and sometimes I feel like I am in Utah. Everyone knows about us even though they aren't members. The people in the street are like, we have never had sister missionaries here before. Then we would ask them if they are members and they say no.  It is near the capital but out of the capital. There are also some areas that are super nice.

On Saturday my companion and I had plans to go to the Temple with recent converts we helped but then the Elders in our zone needed our help so we decided to help them out. A sacrifice but one I thought we should make. We went to a youth missionary activity and the kids were so funny. When we first got there one girl was like high five. I stopped and asked it they could speak English. They all looked at me like I was crazy and said yes. I asked them how and they said that everyone can, plus the Prophet says we all need to learn English. That was crazy. I never expected that. They are all from Guatemala but live in a rich area. 

Something else crazy happened this week as well. This one guy got mad at us for contacting him and told us that we would never understand him because we were born in a land of gold.  If we don't work for a day we are fine.  If he doesn't work for a day he starves.  It was so weird but we bore testimony about the gospel and how it could bless his life.  Really though I am so gratetful to have been born in the USA. 

The ward we are in is really great and the people are super nice and love helping us out. They give us a ton of references and really share the gospel with all of their friends. I think they know how to do missionary work here and I am so excited for that. 

Well there is a lot that happened but that is all I have time to write right now. Have a great day. 

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