Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I am really excited for this week, because if you didn't know, this week is GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!! What is that? It is a wonderful weekend we listen to the Prophet and Apostles that are living on the earth today. I am really looking forward to all that I will learn and the things that I can apply to my life. I invite all of you as well to watch conference and bring questions that you would like answered. 

So we are at that time of changes again. I will be staying in my area but my companion has changes so I will have a new companion. I might even train again but I am not sure because there are only four people coming in.  

Last Monday we went to the mall again and then my companion and I went to a members house to watch a church movie and do nails. I am not a huge fan of doing nails so I just relaxed. 

On Tuesday we had an interesting experience with one of our investigator families. We taught about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They said that in their church they are also studying that in their bible study. I thought wow this is what we are supposed to be studying then. That same day this guy told me I was a CIA agent. I told him who I was but he didn't believe me. That was kind of funny. 

This week we were all ready to have Byron's Baptism on Saturday. Then something happened and we couldn't.  The saddest part is that he got a new job in Coban and left today. The good thing is that he will continue learning and will baptized soon wherever he goes. He loves the gospel and is using the Atonement. 

Wednesday our Ward Mission leader opened up his Mission Call and is going to serve in Nicaragua. His parent's aren't members so they liked talking to me and hearing about my parents. That day as well we went to flag down a bus but it was a truck. We didn't know who was inside but we didn't want to get in there. Luckily a bus came around the corner and we jumped in.  

I love my Dog
 We had a really great lesson Wednesday morning. This lady was super agianst the church but we spoke with love and bore our testimonies. She isnt going to be baptized, yet ;) but she understatnds a little more and is going to read the book of Mormon.  

Marjorie - Super Cute
Thursday my companion was sick and when we came back to the apartment we didn't have any power. She wanted to make food and I asked her how. She explained how she would cook the food thinking I thought she couldn't cook. Then she remembered we only have electric things to cook on. That was funny.  

Saturday my companion was sick again but we had some divisions so I could still go out and get some things done. That was also the day of the sister conference. It was so amazing!  I love knowing that I am a daughter of God. We didn't see it all though because my companion felt really bad but on Saturday they will play it again. 

Byron - He is Leaving
Sunday was really a day of miracles. We had a goal to have 11 lessons with a member present. My companion felt bad still in the morning but then after church she felt better and we did divisions. We ended the day with 12 lessons, 11 with members and 1 without. It was amazing and we also contacted 59 people. We reached and exceeded the goal of 300 contacts and we had 30 lessons 25 of those with members and 13 in the house of a member. I love working hard. I love these people and I want to give all that I have so they can learn and come unto Christ. I will keep working hard. Have a great week and thanks for your support. 

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