Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Experiencing Miracles

Semana Santa has come again here to Guatemala. Last year this week was really crazy but I feel like in the area I am in now that it will be a lot calmer. I am so happy about all of the miracles that happened this week. 

Early on we had a council with the zone where we wrote new goals about what we need to be doing. Last month the mission had the highest number or Baptisms in the history of the mission and this month we are still working hard but not having as much success. Every area needs something different so we made different gauges to see how we can best help our area and see more fruit there. I am excited to apply our ideas and watch as Heavenly Father truly does his work. 

We have also been working more with less actives  They are really coming to know that we are there for them and get so excited for our visits. We are constantly serving them. On Sunday one family said they wouldn't go but we went to their house in the morning and the daughters actually did divisions with us to bring people to church. Then we were surprised to see the oldest brother in church. Little by little they will learn and gain a testimony. The one daughter actually stayed with us most of the day and wanted to help us and feed us. haha

Wednesday I was with this one lady who had family members who were members but she is not. She told about when her daughter was married and she couldn't go inside. It was sad for me to hear that and I started crying. She was totally fine but I could just imagine how that would feel and how it will feel for me when that day will come. I will want more than anything for my family to be there.  

Thursday we started meeting with a lady that met with Missionaries before but now she feels like it is her time for the gospel. I think so too. She is excited to learn and really give her children the best that she can.   We had another miracle with the Vasquez family. They stopped drinking after our first visit or the wife did. She wants to be an example for her daughters. She said she is not a very good person but she is changing everyday in amazing ways.

Friday was also a great day and experience. We went to visit Carmen and asked about how she was doing praying about whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. Before she had trouble with that but this week she had been praying. She said that she hadn't received an

answer though. We prayed with her and she said the prayer. the spirit was so strong. We sat up and she started crying. She told us how she felt the spirit so strongly and she knew it was true. I love when people receive their answer  because I always think about when I received mine. There is no denying when it happens.

One cool thing is that I finished reading Doctrine and Covenants this week. I really love that book and I think it is one of my favorites. It is so powerful and talks a lot about missionary work. 

We are also gaining a lot of new friendships with people. We serve them and then they are asking us to teach them. We gladly accept. Well that is about it but have a great week and thank you for all of the support you give me. 

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