Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I am so excited to write this week!  This whole week I was so excited to watch general conference. It is so crazy to think that for the next conference I will be home. That will be so great to be able to go to the conference center again. Last Monday was a day of some goodbyes. I really enjoyed being with Hna. Johnson and getting to know her. I felt like we both learned a lot from one another. 
Marjorie Baptism

Now I am with Hna. Osabas. She was in my district when I was in Ciudad Quetzal so I already kind of knew her. This is the first time I have been with someone that I know. She is from Nicaragua. It seems like many of my companions are from there. It has been a little weird only speaking in Spanish again but I really love it and it wasn't hard to adjust. 

This week was full of work and a lot of exciting news. The Bishop from Frijanes is going to LasVegas and Utah next week. That is exciting because I love those places, and people there. 

The highlight of the week was listening to General Conference. There were some investigators that came, not  many because it is far from our area. I did learn a lot however and I felt that the main themes of the conference were to Love, be obedient and strengthen our testimonies. I am excited to improve in all of these areas. There are a lot of things we can do to love one another more and truly treat one another as Children of God. We are not just mortals we are children of God. What a great thing to know. 
Lunch on Saturday - General Conference

After the first session on Saturday,  the stake President invited us over for lunch   . It was really good and then we were even able to watch the second session in their house. I like sitting on a couch to watch Conference. After the Conferencewas over his wife had homemade strawberry ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. I enjoyed all of it. I am excited for this week and I love you all. 

My Companion and I 

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