Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Week

Fun Decorating Eggs
I always love this time of year like I love Christmas time. People focus a lot more on the Savior. Here in Guatemala they celebrate Semana Santa. To start off the week miracles happened here in the mission. We were given  a cell phone so now it is a little easier to coordinate things and work with the members. To be honest it is really weird to have one again.  That same day we had a NDH with one of our new families that we are teaching and they loved it. We learned about the Word of Wisdom and the importance of our bodies. This is exactly what they needed. 

Tuesday was a great day with many lessons. It is interesting to see the progress of several of the families we are teaching and the changes they have made in their lives. There is one family that has been going to church for months, always assist, serve, pay tithing and everything but they aren't baptized because they say they are a different religion. 

That day we met with this one family that I really want to teach.  I saw the family and the kids I just knew that I could help them and that I could do it by teaching the gospel.  That is one of the great things about the gospel it helps us in our progress with all things. 

Wednesday we started working with some more less active members who also live with many people who are not members. Those families want to learn more about the gospel which is amazing. I love when people have the desire to learn and truly follow their Savior. I am just here to help them with that and show the way.  

With one of our other investigators I have seen how much more she understands now when she studies the scriptures. Those who have the eyes to see hear. Along with that I learned that Carlos who was baptized in Monjas went to a Mini Mission Week in Guate last week. He is really excited about the gospel and is helping so many people learn about it as well.  

Friday there were no buses and we had to go up to the Puerta which is about a 30 minute walk for missionaries.  The people ended up not being there but we saw them later and they wanted to meet with us. Lets just say we walked a lot on Friday but it was a lot of fun and we had a great day. All the families that were home were together and we found many new people to teach. That night we met with our Bishop Leader's mom and family. Only the parents aren`t members. I asked her what she wanted to give her kids and family in life. She said love and the best things she could. I told her that we wanted her to have these things also because we love her and the most precious thing we can give or share is the gospel. That is the truth, that is why I want my family to have the knowledge of the gospel. 

Saturday was also amazing. At one point in the day we went to find someone. The directions lead us to another direction. Earlier when we were following the directions,  we passed a house and I felt like we should talk to the people but we didn't. Saturday I felt the same and I went to knock on their door. It was actually the house we were looking for with a different address. The person we were looking for wasn't there but the whole family wants us to come back. I don't know what will happen but I am excited. 

That day one of our investigators was moving houses and we helped them to move into this little tiny room. The dad died so they didn't have the money to keep paying there. It was sad but good that we could help. 

Saturday during lunch we decorated Easter eggs I showed them how to do it- they did not know how. They don't have Easter here. On Sunday, we had an egg hunt which was really fun. I always love doing things like that. 

Sunday there were  other miracles as well. I am not sure if you remember the time I felt we made a mistake trying to pray with a family. Well 2 months later on their own they came to church. I was amazed to see them but so happy. That day as well, a family told us they would be getting married and baptized . I love when we have days like that. 

I am excited to see what will happen this week . Have a great week!!!! 

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