Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bad Luck

This week has been really funny, because basically there were a lot of things that happened that were not that nice. It all started last Monday when it was pouring all day. Rain on P-day is not that great because you get really wet and we have to buy things and carry a lot of things. On the way back when I was on a bus I got soaked. Getting off I poured a pool of water out of my shoe. 
Chips for Mundial

Our Zone Symbol


Tuesday we did divisions and it rained harder than any other day. I love divisions because we really do learn a lot.  That day I also lost one of my name tags.  That is always a sad thing but luckily later in the week this man told me he found one of our name tags and it is in his house. I also started feeling really bad that day and I wasn't sure why.

For the rest of the week I had stomach problems but we didn't know what it was. I took anti parasite medicine, things for acid reflex basically everything but nothing worked. The good thing is that I was still able to work and work hard. On Friday a huge crab pinched my finger and then I accidentally killed it. Then on Saturday I bought a huge container of eggs and dropped them.
Awesome Kids

The Animal I ate last week, Pisote

I am not sure why so many  things were happening but I decided I didn't want to suffer anymore so I prayed and made a promise with my Heavenly Father. I promised that if He would heal me I would do certain things. The next day we worked super hard and had a ton of success. My stomach stopped hurting and I we saw some  miracles. We found a whole family that committed to be baptized. Also those who were having a hard time before are now firm in their faith. I love working hard and seeing the blessings.

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