Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Every week is filled with so many surprises or blessings I guess would be a better word. I really love it and I am really happy to be here. Last Monday it was really sweet to see the twins invite different people to their baptism. They helped us make the program and then they had it all memorized. Making covenants is a really big deal and they understand that. 

Tuesday was another amazing day. In the morning we were walking we saw the mom of one of my recent converts. For the last few months she had been really rude and didn't let us visit her daughter or let her go to church. The Sunday before I had a discussion with her  and to my surprise on Tuesday she apologized to us. It is amazing how repentance can change people. The relationship we have now is really different and she is happy when we come and help her daughter. That makes me really happy. That same day out of the blue one of our investigators said she wanted to be baptized. 
Conference with President Stay
This week, we had a conference with President Stay and it was amazing. I love hearing the testimonies of other missionaries and to see how the gospel is changing their lives. Also I got to see my daughter, Hna. Recinos who was there. She is truly one of my best friends in the mission. 

Crazy Hair

Friday was really fun because we were able to do service planting tress. I think that it is kind of like leaving a little piece of me in Guatemala. When I come back I can see how they have grown. Also the twins wanted to read the Book of Mormon with us that day. They are learning to read but I was so impressed by how much they have progressed. The were reading pretty well. That is what happens when kids learn to read form the Book of Mormon. They learn faster and better. 

On Saturday was their baptism. It was really special and they were so happy. They were both a little nervous but when they came out of the water they told me that they felt something special in the water that took away the fear. I explained that it was the Holy Ghost. Truly though I love things like that. Our Heavenly Father loves us and when we follow him we are blessed. 

Have a great week.
Twins Baptism

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