Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beginning of June

Truly I cannot believe that it is June already. I still feel like we haven't had Christmas yet. I am loving working in Frijanes and I feel like every day we are seeing so many miracles and getting to know more people that are prepared for the gospel or are ready to come back.  It all started last week though on P-day. My zone is really so close and every Monday we do something together.  Last week we played baseball at the stake center.  It was really a lot of fun. I forgot how fun it is to play. 

Baseball at the Stake Center

That day I also received the Ensign in a package. I was so excited because I feel it is always very important for me to read and study the words of the prophets. It was a little harder earlier on in my mission but now I can study a little bit every day. For those who still haven't watched or read the conference I would invite you to go and read or watch the talks. 

That night we had a Family Home Evening with our investigator family again and they taught about the 10 Commandments.  It was really cute because the week before I was in the primary and taught the kids how to remember them with hand signals. That evening she taught that to her family. 

Zone Conference

Tuesday we had a Zone Conference and we focused more on Doctrine then on having better skills. We also learned a new way to have companionship inventory. That was one of the best things we learned because it really helped me to feel the spirit when we had our meeting.  After the reunion we came home and there was no power in our area and it was pouring rain. With that we had to go home but it was really crazy. 

This week it really was raining a lot and we decided to leave in the morning. I liked that more because we didn't get as soaked. We also met a lot of less actives that have family that are not members. They want to learn more and go back to church. 
Hen Soup

The Soup was Delicious

The family we made pancakes with last week is really changing as well. Before the husband always left but now he stays and told us he saw a great change in his wife and wants to change as well. He asked if he could go to Church with us. I am so excited for him and his family. 

Yesterday I had a great experience. I truly felt the spirit work though me as I called a less active to repentance. It was really amazing and I truly hope he can change. 

 I will write again next week. Adios. 

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