Thursday, June 19, 2014

Love Being a Missionary

Can I just say that I love being a missionary. There is always so much joy that one can have in constantly serving others and loving them completely. In a way investigators are kind of like raising kids because you really get to watch them grow and gain a testimony of the truth. Then they change and are totally different people. I love as well when they are great examples for others and help them to learn more about the gospel. 

This week on Friday, Carmen got baptized. I found her one day when contacting and she is truly amazing. We have been teaching her for about 3 months now. The greatest change, is not just in her though,but in her family. They are more interested in the gospel as well now and while her husband died years ago I know that she can be sealed to him and all of her children in the temple. I will strive to help her so that she can reach this great goal she has. 

The whole week was pretty great as well. Last Monday I went with some investigators and theier kids to play lazer tag. It was to celebrate their birthday. I love doing things like that and it is most likely not something we will forget. I have a weakness for kids and wanting to spoil them. I just love kids and I love to have fun with them. It was a great activity though because we had a member there with her son and they are all best friends.  

Wednesday we had a zone meeting and talked about preparing the mission for the new Mission President that will be coming in next week. It is crazy to think that president Stay only has a week and a half left. We talked a lot about repentance, forgiving and forgetting. I really love that because it is so essential for us and others. We always need to repent of our our sins and allow others to do the same. If we don't the atonement won't have an effect in our lives either. 

That night we watched the Prophet of the restoration with Carmen and her family. They always have questions which is good. Especially her youngest son. He told us after her baptism that he will be getting baptized too but not right now.  

The crazy thing that happened this week was a storm. It was like a hurricane We had wind, rain and hail. It was cool though to see the street flood in 2 seconds. We did get soaked though. I love the rain and storms but to be honest as a missionary it does make things  a little more difficult.

There are a ton of amazing things going on here. I love being a missionary and doing the work of the Lord. I will talk to you next week. 

Love Hna. Cailey Gurule

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