Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Day!!

Hello!!!! I am really happy today. It is always nice to write and reflect on how my week went. I do this everyday as well in my journal but this way I can look at everything for the week. 


Last Monday I had to wake up at 4am to go to the mission office. I did not know why but we went to immigration and I took a picture for my VISA. I am not sure if I have it or not but it was nice to go there because there were missionaries there from all over Guatemala. That means that I got to see some of my friends from the CCM. I love hearing about their missions and what they are doing. It is amazing how you can know people for such a short amount of time in the mission and know them so well.

The Ensign- Conference Edition

We seem to make tortillas a lot in the mission. I am getting better and better at it. They are actually round now and are not super thick. I love doing sevice for people and in doing so I, learn to do a lot of different things . We also went with members this week to do their visiting teaching. You learn a lot about members in doing that and it is not always things you want to know. I am greatful to be there to help them though. 


Every week we have a NDH with a family, they are super strong in the Ward and help us a lot. The problem is that they always have dinner for us and we only have time for the lesson so we get home a little late. Luckily it is before 9:30 and they have a car to drive us. That is basically the only time I dive in a car in the mission. 


This month is the month of the fair. They celebrate the whole month long and the streets are all blocked off. For this we even have chruch earlier at 8am. This Sunday we were taking a lady to church who didn`t have money for the bus. We got to her house at 7 to walk with her. Being in the mountains it was all up hill and we did not eat because it was Fast Sunday. I was fine though because at that time and the rest of the day I was not hungry and I had a lot of energy. It was a testimony that if we do the work of the Lord we will be blessed.  


This week a lot of our investigators have had a lot of different interesting questions. I love it! It is really fun to search the scriptures for answers to their questions. Once I find the answers it is really easy to teach them because we read from the scriptures and I bear my testimony about it. I love it!!!! The scriputres are so powerfull. 


This week I also made a cake. Today is the birthday of an elder in my district. For some reason the elders asked me to make the cake and they do not know if I can cook. Luckily I can but it was a little different not having all that we do in the states. I think it turned out well though. They wanted a USA cake with no fruit.  


Well I am loving working here. There is only one week until transfers so who knows if I will still be in San Juan or another place. I am excited for the progress this area is making and soon it will be the strongest in all of Guatemala. 


Remember to read the scriptures and pray. I love you all and thankyou for your support.


Hna. Gurule

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