Monday, September 9, 2013

Ciudad Quetzal

Hello again!  I am so excited to be here and write to you all. I would just like to let you know that my new area is Ciudad Quetzal which is a municpal of San Juan Sac my other area. So technically I am still in San Juan because the people that are born here say that they are from San Juan. Crazy, right? Really it is about an hour or less away. San Raymundo where most of my recent converts live is actually closer here than San Juan. Maybe one day I will get permission to visit them. ;)


A lot of things that I never thought would happen on my mission happened this week. To start off, my companion is from Arizona.  Her name is Hna. Tieman and she has been out for 13 months. I am excited to work with her but a little sad becasue I do not want to loose my Spanish. I feel like I have truly been so blessed to learn the language here and I realize how much I now know. There is still a lot to learn but during the recent changes we heard the testimonies of those going home and it seemed to me that my Spanish was more fluent than the Nortes leaving. My new companion had a really hard time with the language so I hope that I can help her to become more fluent. It is hard on her not to be able to communicate with people. 


This area and ward are really amazing. Since our first day here we have had members go out with us and teach us where the members, less actives and investigators are. Oh so I guess I should also explain that I am re-opening an area here so both my companion and I are new here. The ward is so amazing and the members are a great help to us. The youth even sign up several days a week to go out and teach with us. They introduce us to familes and friends they have and we start teaching them. It is such a difference from my other area. I love being here and I love working with these Saints. 


One thing is that it is a little hottter here but only for a few hours and then the rain starts and pours. Unlike San Jaun where there were paved streets these are all dirt so it is muddy and there are rivers everywhere. I have a plan today to buy boots. The members say though that in one month the rain with stop and then it will get really cold. How exciting that I have been in cool areas so far in my mission. Another different thing is that I do not have to go to the stake center because there is a family history center in my ward building. 


On Friday there was a big earthquake here but I am the only person who didn´t feel it. I kind of wish I did though because everyone doesn´t understand how I didn´t. I was walking though so that might have had something to do with it. 


There are a ton of families and progressing investigators here and everyday we seem to find more and more poeple that are prepared. Sunday mornings are really crazy but I like it that way. Church was also great and it felt nice to be in a ward again. I am so excited to serve here here. I feel so blessed to be in this area. Well, let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week. Oh, also for some reason the people and members here think I am from Guatemala or Central America. I guess I have an accent like some one from here. That makes me happy. 


My addresss is still the same so just continue sending letters and packages there.  
Hma. Cailey Gurule

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