Monday, September 30, 2013

Honoring Covenants

Good Morning!!! I am really happy right now. I think I am happy most of the time but I just love hearing from those that I love on Monday. I hope that everything is going well. This week was really great. 

Making Molinetes - Pinwheels

On Monday I finally was able to just relax in the house. That never really happens so I thought that it was amazing. After that we went to teach the Aparicio family about the Word of Wisdom. They have a little bit of problems with this but they all comitted to change the bad habits they have. So far they are doing very well. When someone has the desire to follow the commandments they will be given the power to do so. The next day we also taught about the law of chastity and they began planning their wedding. Basically everyone I know here needs to be married before they are baptized. I love being with this family though and seeing how they all work to strengthen one another. All week there were activites in the church for the kids that I didn´t even know about and they went to every single one. To make things even better at the end of one of our lessons, the two youngest kids asked how old you have to be to get baptized. I told them 8 and they both got a huge smile on their face and said, "YES!!!!!".  We left that lesson beaming.  


It seems like lately we have only been contacting Jehovah´s Witnesses. It is really interesting to talk to them but I have become better at it. We teach basic principles of the gospel. They really do have a good knowlege of the scriptures.  


The Bishops wife was talking to me this week and she told me that I look like a latina and that my accent is  really good. There are just a few words where I sound like a gringa. That was interesting to learn. I knew that my Spanish was pretty good but I wasn't sure about my accent.  


I feel like we have had a lot of problems with animals this week. Our house is a grave yard for bugs. Also there are a lot that are living. We at one point in the week had a beehive growing in our backyard. I tried killing it but it didn´t fall so we had to use the bug spray. :(

Another problem is that all the dogs wanted to attack us this week. For some reason they only seem to be in the street where our investigators live.  


Thursday we had a Zone Conference where we learned about all of the new standards of excellence. We were also given ideas on how we could reach them and had a lot of practice. It was really great and I am so excited to work really hard. 

Zone Conference 9.13
Saturday we were also able to watch the Relief Socitey Broadcast which talked a lot about covenants. Why they are important, how we honor them. There was also a lot about how our trials can help us cling to our covenants and they really do strengthen us in this life. I know that this is true. I am so grateful for all of the trials I have had in my life. I am also really excited for the opportunity to watch General Conference this weekend. I want all of you to take the time to watch it. Have questions in mind that you want answered. The conference is on Saturday and Sunday. You can find out more information on Any way have a great week. Thank you for your love and support!

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