Monday, September 16, 2013

Buscar Los Frutos

I feel like every week on my mission I am just happier and happier. I love doing this work and I love being a missionary. Right now I feel like there is so much work to do and so many people to help. In my area we have a lot of new families that we are teaching this week and they really have a desire to know and follow Jesus Christ. To me that is so amazing and I will do everything I can to help them come unto Him and make covenants. The blessings of the gospel are infinate and eternal. 


Last Monday we had a regular p-day. I feel like in my new area there is a lot more time to do different things. We also bought boots which have really helped a ton. Every afternoon it pours and the streets turn into muddy rivers. I kind of love it now though and with boots there isn't any river we can´t cross.


In the evening though we had a lesson with the family Aparicio. There are three children in this family and two parents. The day I met them the youngest turned eight. They have such a strong desire to learn and know what they can do to be better. After the lesson we asked if they would be baptized. The question they asked was how. "What things do we have to do to change and prepare to be baptized?" That was so cool to see that they want to change and be better. Later in the week we taught them about the restoration and afterwards the dad said,"I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but how can we learn more about him?" The next lesson we watched the prophet of the retoration and when it was over they wanted to watch it again. They all have a Book of Mormon and wrote there names in it. They also read differnt parts, mark the scriptures and have questions. It is amazing. This is the same family that when I came into the area I saw there name and I knew we needed to focus on them. 


Tuesday we had zone meeting and recieved a whole new list for the Standards of Excellence. It seems like it will be a little hard but I know that I can do it. We have already started seeing some of the fruits of our efforts as we have set out to meet these standards this week.  


Being with my new companion is good. Like all companionships at first we need to adjust but I feel like we can do a lot together.  It was a little hard a first because she felt bad about how much I knew about the gospel and she felt she needed to know more. She thought that I was perfect but I am helping her see that I am not. That we are both here to help each other. Also, I think she just needed a little help to realize how amazing she is.  Being from the same culture really does help a lot of things though.  


On Thursday we had a sister Conference. It was nice to see all of the sisters. There are 32 of us and the chruch will only allow up to 40 in this misison because it is dangerous. We had an activity where we were were blind folded and didn´t get any directions. I didn´t really understand it but it was fun and the rest of the conference we learned a lot and ate good food. 


Friday we found a new family. The Ortega family. In this family there are the parents and then there 1.5 year old daughter. They want to learn so much and were given a Book of Mormon four years ago but never had the lessons. They have a lot of questions and we have spent up to 2 hours There several times. When we try to make it shorter the time just passes by. I am not sure how to change that. In the first lesson they told us they felt something different than with any other preacher or religion. They like how we teach from the scriptures and that they need to know for themselves directly from God. They told me, you are so sincere. It was really good that people in our first contact can recognize a difference and know we are representatives of Jesus Christ.


Saturday was the day before Independence Day but they celebrate everything the day before. The run in the streets with torches and blew whistles. They also would go throwing water on people. My companion was soaked but I saw what was going on and stepped out of the way.  haha. 


We also went to practice the piano because there is no one that can play in this ward. I have never learned how to play but I could play the songs. It is so cool. It is only one note at a time and the melody but I will now be playing in church. Wish me luck.  


Sunday was also a little busy day becasue there were a lot of parades and things going on. My favorite part of the day though was my personal study on faith. It was different than the others and the spirit was really strong. When it was over I almost wanted to cry. It is amazing- I just love studying the scriptures and learning so much.  

Well that was basically my week. Thank you for everything. Oh and my district has 5 Nortes and one Latino it is funny. Have a great week

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