Monday, September 23, 2013

Using Every Second

I feel like the work here is really progressing. I am not sure what is going on but I am working my hardest. This week we had over 20 lessons, 10+ hours of service and we have 14 new investigators. Evey day I felt super tired and I wasn't really sure why, but now I am thinking it is because of how hard we are always working. 


Last Monday we had another crazy p-day going to many different places to prepare for the week. One day I will hopefully be able to relax just a little bit. It is good to be working hard though. After we sent letters we went to the Mega Paca because my companion needed some new skirts. Hers are long and there is usually a lot of rain so she needed shorter skirts.


Tuesday was a big day of service. We thought we would be helping one of our investigator families for about an hour but we were there for about four and then we helped out another member. We helped our investigators with their scooter which was out of gas and had flat tires. It was a lot of work but also a little fun. Then on the way home we went to another members house on the way to see if they needed help. Usually they say no but they really needed help that day so they were really grateful we were there. In the end, we ended up making chuchitos, tamales and paches. I helped teach my companion what to do. They told me that I needed to live in Guatemala after my mission because I was really good at making the masa and everything. 


I am truly grateful for all of the time I spent in San Juan because I learned a lot about the culture and how to do things. They say I am a puro Sanjanera. lol.


Reunion de Hermanas
We changed our weekly planning session to Wednesday this week becasue we had a repair man coming to our house. Our land lord really likes to make sure the house is in working order. It is good though because before we had a little bit of problems with water. In the night we went with the Familia Aparicio. They are so amazing. My favorite investigator Anderson is there. He is 11 but really wants to receive an answer. He is always reading the scriptures and asks great questions. This week he asked several about how he could feel the Holy Ghost and pray sincerly. It is amazing to see the desire he has. The rest of that family is great as well. In other words they are bien pilas!!!


For the rest of the week we did not have to plan any lessons the night before because our agendas were super full. Most of this week is planned as well. It is amazing to see the work here and to be a part of it. At one point my companion and I were praying that everyone we contacted would be a reference for the Elders in our area because there are so many people we need to teach but not enough time. Luckily, I know with the Lord´s help we can do it all. 


One good thing is that we are finally getting to know more and more members here. I love working with them and geting to know them better. Saturday´s we also teach an English class. It is a lot of fun and even helps us to learn a little more Spanish.


Sunday was really great as well. I played the piano in church and while it wasn´t perfect we had music. This week should be better though because the bishop has a keyboard in their house they are going to give us to use. That means that in the night after we finish everything and before we leave in the morning we can practice!!!! I am excited to learn how to play.  Also I gave a talk in church about missionary work. As early as  yesterday afternoon we saw some fruits of that take place.  Well I hope you all have a great week. I know that I will. Thank you for your love and support.

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